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Police activity in Highland Park


One shop here a bit day secular to west outside of the two ten this is the big one in his ears it's it's citrus before citrus where the middle line taking away champ coming off a fifty seven affecting the north fifty seven as well you definitely want to exit Errol highway off that fifty seven not get stuck in that ramp traffic you can join if it's citrus be back on your way or Gladstone off the loan hill exit helps you offer the two ten itself eastbound people slow down to take a look away from there with Dale Avenue the other cigar in Highland Park north at one ten at Avenue sixty the offramp blocked for police activity if you stay to the left looks like you'll be okay headed in south Pasadena and even southbound a minimal delays you have through downtown LA looks like we may have some more police activity so try to get a handle on this but you've got to avoid the westbound tanned by Ontario airport it's a vineyard where all lanes have been blocked in your champ away from the a fifteen are the easiest thing to do is use fourth street because that law actually lead you back to the ten past the of the issue there and you'll be back on your way then you're flying along headed into Boyle heights the west bend sixties okay as well although still trying to recover a little bit through diamond bar with that six car crash that was a west sixtieth granted everything to the shoulder and that drive is definitely a beginning to improve and the eastbound ninety one have some Caltrans work with lanes reduced at at raven east with the time away from the

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