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So let me get back to that question that thing. Yeah I was talking about at the beginning of the program. Okay that thing about having something on your mind it could be just about anything it stuck in your crawl. That's what my grandma used to say from Jersey shore Pennsylvania stuck in your crawl. Actually say it sounds like you're getting close close to having something stuck in your crawl them's old fashioned words but you get them right. Maybe made some some millennials Hanky man. GimMe a dictionary. Get a dictionary on that phone. Let me look at a printing ear ear and stuck in your crawl. What heck sent me some bothering you right happens? Everybody's GonNa Happen every single day. There's probably not a moment of the day that something doesn't cross your path did bother you a little bit and you can. You can let it bother you and likely it's going to me and I'm I'm not a guy it's gonNa tell you that it's not going to bother you a little bit in fact you don't you you don't really know if it's bothering the UN told us bothering you then it's kind of too late right. I mean how can you stop it from bothering you. That's called not carrying. I want you to care. Oh serious. Dose of Scott. Logic here so stuff's going to bother you. We just can't get away from that so we understand is going to bother you understand. It's GonNa take some kind of action to get through it now. Life is very empowering you get back in control and I'm not saying you're not out of control the raise your hand if you are. Raise your hand. If you've ever been out of control. Raise your hand. If you think maybe this weekend you might be out of control for at least a few minutes and nobody has a camera. Hopefully I don't know. Do you need to forgive somebody from your past. How about the time you stuck your foot in your mouth times? A thousand if you're me finding a way to eliminate negative thoughts. That's it's difficult sometimes. If you think positive or at least do positive stuff you find. Negative can't get its way. And but it's sneaky little bugger. It is your already noticed. How sneaky it is? It's the devil's work. It is our I know. I don't know the devil but it seems like it would be sneaky. Sneaky sneaky those negative thoughts they just come right in. When you expect? You'll be a positive conversation. Somebody says something and also having. Oh that's life life that's people just happens. It's never going to have to find a way to deal with it right so simple way. A tried tried and true version. This has happened years and years. And you're probably way before any of US knew anything we weren't even here you probably tens of thousands of years ago probably the minute that somebody probably commit fire was invented. It's probably GONNA happen. Somebody said hey fire great let me let me do what Scott's GonNa talk about because I've been waiting for fire so I could do it journal July to write things down. Have you heard that you probably ought to be writing things down. The other day was talking to a client and she had a few things on her mind. Some things you're dealing dealing with the go back about thirty years now and to me. That boggles my mind. I really thirty years can take care of that real fast so what you do. Is You Journal it and you burn it now. Sometimes on New Year's Eve you'll find people. They burning parties right. Where you kind of take what didn't work out the past year? You kinda ride it in your throat. The firing say something. You have a drink and who. Hey it worked so matter what and really I know some people just got that so subtle that so simple yeah. It's been a long time. There is something about. Here's why I think personally about us. If you take a scribble your thoughts on a piece of paper and it could be just a piece of paper you had to get fancy. Just get posted on. I don't care what you don't it doesn't matter now the more you you do the more you brain dump the more you're free right the more you get stuff out here the more you just dump it. Fill a whole journal mole skin. I don't care what it is. Don't put on your computer though because they don't want your brand new your computer. That wouldn't be good if you do that. Print burn that okay but scribble scribble scribble Philadelphia. The more you do this the deeper you get the more layers you kinda pill back from an onion essay and stuff kind of comes out and that's what you want to come out. You don't want to hold back. Don't hold back the stuff that's bothering you. Don't people do that. I'm telling you they do Scott. This has bothered me okay. Write it down on Journal. Great let me read it. They give it to me. I said well where to go. Well I just didn't feel I didn't know put on the paper. Get rid of it if you won't if you won't talk about talk about it okay. Okay so scripture thoughts on a piece of paper and get a creole or a crown or a piece of chalk. I don't care what it is. Fill in. A Tire Journal doesn't matter what that is. It's up to you but getting your thoughts on the piece of maybe you know what it does limited. What will interruption go deep here has got some amateurs of the audience but the truth is this is the truth as I say you become what you think about right? Whatever thoughts on your mind? They're just kind of floating around a very powerful form of energy because associates can be created and become something. What happened in? Would you write those thoughts on a piece of paper. What are you doing your manifest and you make it something real few minutes ago? It didn't feel real was just thought it was driving me crazy but the minute you wrote it down it became real. Didn't it right skied. It's on a piece of paper. There's some pretty pricey pieces of apron this plan. I wouldn't you agree. Let's think about when you get out of your head and we take the time to write it down you've made a real and if you really dig in its really real. Some people write novels based on that stuff. But you're not going to do that because we need to get rid of its bad stuff so it becomes real now. What can you do? If it's real. We can deal with it right. That's her step. Two comes in so simple so easy I want you to burn it into oblivion batch of fire light a bonfire use the backyard barbecue. Get the blow torch out. Hey that's a good idea. The blowtorch out of the garage into Abbey Refund. Kids if you're listening to me ask your Mama diverse okay. There are other ways to do in fact. You shouldn't have fired at all no and no. You can't do it on your iphone or your ipad and thanks computer. Can't do it scribble down figuring all the stuff you just got to get rid of it and it's burn it. It can be simple as just kind of go out and drive. Dry Wayne is lighting in watching afloat. Obey have a hose handy if it's dry. Are you three or fireplace. You Bernard on your stove your I don't care what you do. You should common sense. Okay okay I know it sounds so so so so so simple and we'll fix everything right away not really but the mere fact that you have taken everything inside of your head and you moved it out of your head Ed. You've made it real on the piece of paper. Just that alone is going to make you feel better. It's going to give you some control. It's going to free up space inside your brain for happiness. Okay and then when you burn. It isn't GonNa make you feel perfect today. None an really but a little bit better but if you did that a couple more times and you got a little bit better every single day the copy simple guy but a little bit better. Every single day as the old inch by Inches essential thing that becomes a lot. Better if you give at a time so you don't get to thirty four million downloads without. Let me talk like that on. It's an amazing skill set but somehow it works but I do promise you. It's very very simple. Promise I can make this promise. I've seen it a thousand times. I'll see thousand more as long as I live. It's going to be true. True you to the simple release. The waiting feel just a little bit. It's going to set you free just a little bit. I enjoy life. I'm just a little bit more every single day. You're gonNA feel control and empowered in life is going to change for you

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