Spring training: time for pitchers, catchers and cheaters


Are to believe but baseball is right around the corner both the ETS and the giants pitchers and catchers report to their first spring training workout next Wednesday as for the giants a member of the old guard is coming back former fan favorite hunter pence the thirty six year old outfielder has signed a one year deal worth three million dollars with incentives pens played with the Texas Rangers last year hit two ninety seven with eighteen homers and fifty nine R. B. I.'s mostly as a D. H. he played in only eighty three games due to back problems the giants also signed speedy Billy Hamilton to a minor league deal had some good years with the Reds last season he had to a team for the Reds and the Braves giants fan fest is today at oracle park new manager gave Kapler met with the press wanting to talk about the new guys so I do think it's a good opportunity to talk about some adjustments that that Logan web is making with his pitch grips are I think it's a great time to talk about guys like drew Smyly incoming dollars men and their potential and opportunity to to manage your smiley I know what a tough individually is what a great individual he is what a durable individual he is so looking forward to seeing not left hand and arm on on the mound you're oracle Kapler kept long time giants coach Ron lotus at third base

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