'Dinner Conversations with Comedians' Week


This week's theme is dinner conversations with Comedians. The curator's are Andrew Steven and Dan odd hoot. What a hoot. Here's why Andrew and Dan chose this theme. What does the food you eat? Say about you. Have you ever been surprised about something you found in your friends? Fridge does the ratio of takeout containers to homemade meals. Say something about who you are. There might be more truth to the saying. You are what you eat than we ever thought before. Here are the podcasts and episodes chosen by Dan. Andrew. Monday's episode comes to us from green eggs and Dan and is called Ego Modine. It's sixty five minutes long in this episode ego. No deem from Saturday night live and Dan discussed the food habits of a certain late night. Tv show who has the best Jolliffe Rice gones are Nigerians and also what the Hell is? Joel Rice Tuesday's episode comes from dining with D. N. K. and is called Pete Holmes and Becky. Rims it's ninety seven minutes long in this episode Pete. Holmes comes on the show to talk over. Everyone and becky reams comes to the rescue to cook more food. Wednesday's episode comes from the sport full and is called Asaf Man. V is a human tour. Ducan it's twenty one minutes long. The former daily show correspondent talks food and his trip identity Indian British American. Us off man. V is not a fan of American food excess except when it provides the perfect metaphor for his own try cultural upbringing. He talks about making sense of his dueling identities his love of peanut butter and the fight he had with his father over a big gulp catch his new podcast loss at the Smithsonian from stitcher Thursday's episode comes from Doboy and is called. Pf changs to with Kula villa sack. It's one hundred sixteen minutes long in this episode. The incredible cool APP returns to the show to discuss her history with. Pf changs an American Chinese theme chain restaurants. Plus a gooey edition of snack or wack. Friday's episode comes to us from high and mighty and is called the fifth annual Thanksgiving Eve Power Hour with Nick Wider Nicole buyer and Betsy storrow. It's eighty four minutes long as you listen to this episode John Gabbert and his guests. Nick Betsy Nicole are still sleeping off their hangovers. So crack open a beer. Those are the podcast recommendations chosen by Dan. Andrew for this week's theme dinner conversations with Comedians. Listen and let us know what you think you can find these episodes and listen to them as a playlist on Pod chaser just Jason Dot Com and type in conversations with comedians into the search bar. And the playlists will be right there for your enjoyment. Join the discussion of this week's theme by using the Hashtag comedy. Dinner is usually the section of the podcast where we share. Podcasts NEWS. From the inside podcasting newsletter. This week we're going to direct you to go to inside dot com slash podcasting to read sky. Pillsbury's right up of last Friday's PODCAST UPFRONT PRESENTATION. Which took place in La? I was there and I sent. My hot takes as well as my lukewarm takes to sky. She then wrote about them and now here. I am telling you to go read them. I was also at podcasts movement. Evolutions this past week in Los Angeles and it was a great time. There were tons of informative sessions. Fun giveaways an amazing networking opportunities. Look forward to some write ups this coming week and I'll definitely recap them in the podcast next episode and I solely pillow. Don't tell Danner jared the founders podcast movement. Were you at podcast movement. Are you listening to this? Podcast for the first time since you saw me onstage. Welcome to the Party. Now onto our sponsors. Thank you to Cyrus Media and a cast for sponsoring this week's show from Siris. You know that music isn't just background noise. It shapes your world and your life Cyrus media a network run by music fans for music fans gets this to o Cyrus creates podcasts and experiences that connect you deeply to the music that you love for shows hosted by your favorite artists to inside stories behind festivals historic concerts and the companies and communities that bring music to life visit. Oh Cyrus pod DOT COM to tune in and share the group. That's Oh S. I. R. I S. pod Dot Com and from the score. Bank robber. Diaries tells the tale of notorious criminal. Joe Loya Follow. His story from abused child to King of the heist with producer. Ben Adere in the first show from studios a original content arm and western sound. Listen wherever you got your

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