Could You Go On Shark Tank?


Okay so I have a funny story about Kate. Ni- before I even welcome to the show. Welcome to the show Kate. They gave her happy. We still have you guys ever slid into someone's d. m. and you're like okay. I wonder what's going to happen with this because I slid indicates DM and I didn't realize some one hundred team was answering them. Which was amazing. But months later kate reaches out and she's like. Oh my gosh. We have so much in common like how we never met before and later that week we got coffee for the first time I think our husbands fell in love but even more than that we kind of created this like lifelong friendships sitting in a coffee shop hanging out and talking about life and business. Wasn't it kind of like Harry met Sally? Oh my gosh so much. I love how we emerged at like five. Pm All of us. I think we should go now for our meal at the COP. Incredible so we're GONNA talk about all different kinds of things. I am a beloved customer of your product and also a spectator of you being on shark tank. But why don't we ACCO- before all of those things and kind of hear about what you do and who you are and kind of how you got where you are today. Yeah so I think my story is probably like so many other entrepreneurs out there where I would have never thought I would own a company. One day I started out in college like Sony. You both searching for what is my passion what we WANNA do in life in. I was really into politics. So this was you know circa two thousand eight. The Obama exciting years and I was just passionate about everything involving the environment and things like that and so after college I moved out to Washington. Dc and I was working for think-tank out there. And I really love my work and I met so many great friends but I was looking to the future and sort of thinking who do I. WanNa be ten or twenty years. I was looking at my bosses in my mentor is and I just couldn't really find anybody that I thought was really lit up and living in a way that they felt good about you know they were working eighty hours a week. They were getting so much of their kind of self worth in value from the power that they felt they were doing but they seem kind of you know that sensation of just like not feeling really good about what you're doing every day. Yeah so I thought maybe this isn't actually what I WANNA do and like so many people that age you're figuring it out in so classic out of college I moved to an organic farm up in the catskills of upstate. New York and I worked as a farmer apprentice for six months. Something I was really passionate about was local food organic food sort of nourishing. Your body from the inside out have been something throughout college. I was always involved in healthy food programs and things like that so I did everything to counting Sierra. Every morning I butchered chickens intended to the vegetables and I felt there that I had found something something that really lit me up inside and but then the question was well how do I make. Our business can actually be a career. I left the farm at the end of the season. I moved back to DC and that was when I decided to move into the nonprofit world and took all these skills I learned at the farm cookie nine and growing food and things like that and I found a job at the capital area. Food Bank is wonderful organization where we served over four hundred thousand clients who are food insecure in the DC metro region and I had the incredible wonderful responsibility of working with my clients and teaching them how to eat healthy food. Cook from scratch on a budget because so many of my clients you know. They're working two or three jobs in didn't have a lot of time to be cooking a meal for their family. Especially in a way. That didn't take long time and was easy and so we are in the kitchen everyday together and we were making recipes and I did that for two or three years and it was during kind of late in my time there when I discovered this funky coverage that does everybody loves loves the level of the hate and make means. Did you see that mean the talk? One Girl Yeah here So I like everybody else's just enthralled with what is this funky drink sweet? It's our it's bubbly. I like it I hate it. I can't quite figure out but like so many people you know the more you drink it the more you're just like oh my gosh. I craved US but working at a nonprofit didn't have a big budget myself at all and so pain three to five bucks. A bottle at the store was definitely getting a little tight on the monthly income. So I set out to learn how to brew Kombucha in a bunch of my girlfriends who also worked at the bank with me where brewing in a kind of a lightbulb moment went off one day when I realized that I had been spending a few years. The Food Bank essentially developing this weird skill set. That was taking something that seems intimidating right cooking from scratch or trying to shop for and buy healthy ingredients on a budget and making it approachable. Easy Fun and there's not a lot of other things to do with that skill set and so one day. I thought well what if I could do that for Kabukicho. What if I could teach other people how to make Joe Bruin at the idea. Brunette was and is still really intimidating for some people era of you've seen scooby. It's not the prettiest thing in our pantry. Time yes yeah so it can be an intimidating thing and I thought well okay. I'm really good at making recipes that are stripped down and super simple and designed for somebody who has no experience in this activity. And of course. Like if you've ever brewed before you're not gonNA have a background in like yeast and bacteria or like what to do with it. So it became in his perfect like. Wow I actually could be really great at this. And that was the kind of the birthplace of it. I was back in two thousand thirteen. So walk me through. You have this idea. Did you go to the marketplace and like see anyone doing this? Are there kits available? Howard people learning this because a lot of times our first thing is to go to Google and check it out. What did you find? Oh yes so I go to Google and I didn't even know what took call it right so I was like. It's a Kabukicho maker. It's like how to make. And so I started. Googling around and few different kids popped up and I was like interesting idea like you could just put everything in the kit. But I couldn't find anything that jumped out to me. All the branding was pretty old school so Gary I knew that was drinking. Kombucha was twenty five hip living in cities and it seemed like they were marketing towards the older kind of Hippie who probably started like back in the sixties making Khumbu and so I saw instantly this gap in the market where there wasn't a product out there really speaking to people our age mankind of this new generation of Bucci fans. So that was my first thought was alright. Well I'm already going to be able to brandon and market. This had been something I'd been into for a very long time. It was just sort of the aesthetics creative side of branding and so I thought well that can be something and then I started kind of I would buy the kits so a great thing. Obviously when you're thinking about entering any business that you want to disrupt or become just you know an additional presence in was you gotta try out so I ordered all my competitors kits and one by one I just just like oh my Gosh. I could do this better. I could do that better. My instructions are going to be so much more clear than these end so it was kind of. I hit the ground running pretty fast after that it was from Kinda Idea. Inception to creation was maybe were five months before. I launch airspace site.

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