TACTICS. Leadership Strategy and Tactics Review. Pt 2. with Dave Berke

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This is Jaakko podcast number. Two eleven with Echo Charles and me Jaakko willink echo good evening and also joining joining us again is day burke. Good Evening Dave. Good evening and we are going to roll right back into the book leadership strategy and Tactics because we only made it halfway through on the first attempt so the first part that we did make it through was called strategy does the strategy apart and now we are getting into the tactics. Pardon section one part two section one and it starts off with this section right here becoming a leader how to succeed is a new leader. Once you've been selected as a leader. It is time to lead. What is the best way to do this? Like many things starting off on the right foot is simple but not easy. Here are some fundamental rules to keep in mind as you take command one be humble. It is an honor to be in a leadership position. Your team is counting on you to make the right decisions to don't act like you know everything you don't. The team knows that ask smart questions. Three listen ask for advice and heat it. Four treat people with respect regardless of rank. Everyone is a human being and plays an important role in the team. Treat them that way. Take care of your people and they will take care of you. Five take ownership of failures and mistakes six past credit for success up and down the chain of command seven work hard as the leader. You should be working harder than anyone else on the team. No job is beneath you. Eight have integrity. Do what you say. Say what you do. Don't lie up or down. The chain of command. Nine be balanced extreme actions actions and opinions are usually not good ten be decisive when it is time to make a decision make one eleven Build relationships that is your main goal is a leader. A team is a group of people who have relationships and trust one another otherwise it is just a disconnected incoherent cluster of people twelve lastly. Get the job done. That is the purpose of a leader to lead a team in accomplishing a mission. If you don't accomplish the mission you fail as a leader performance counts. These are straightforward rules. They they make sense on paper but they can be hard to remember implement Innate Leadership Environment Review them often look at them in the morning before meetings and when you are about to make things happen review them before you go to sleep at night soon they will become second nature but if you find yourself struggling pause reread these roles and ensure here at the you are following them so there you go straight forward because how many times has has this question come to me just took over a team just starting just got promoted it comes over and over and over and over again so these these are very simple very straight workforce to to abide by review them often no joke. 'cause guarantee you of that list at any given time you're not doing something on that list and you remind yourself what did you need to do to be successful leader and in you know what's interesting even as you say that Dave it's like yeah this is like oh I'm talking to the new guys right. I'm talking to someone that hasn't been in a leadership leaders position I'm talking to someone that's just about takeover and when when you're saying that I'm thinking but yeah he's right not just about the new is right about me one hundred percent right about me so yeah. This is becoming a leader but you might WanNa just take a look at these from time to time and see where you're at

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