The Tua Mystery & AFC East - burst 6

First Draft


To all right guys the New England Patriots GonNa Finish this off with one of the most fascinating teams. This offseason obviously. It's hard to really get into anything without knowing what happens with number twelve but let's just look at the roster overall and say say Brady is going to be back if he's not back they're they're going to help the next guy too and I think that's the interesting thing mel this is the oldest team in the NFL. Right now and that's exacerbated by Brady. You know being part of that average but even if you even if Brady's gone tomorrow it's still one of the teams in the League. And even if you know bill bill belichick's GonNa be macgyver on defense and with Lawrence guy and some duct tape. He manages to find a way to have a top ten defense. It seemed like the offense a little bit of a little bit of a rough year for Brady Isaiah win. Being loss was a huge deal and then just the absence of a true through weapon in Gronkowski. I mean it just seemed to all add up to a big year of decline. Seems like that's where the focus has got to be. Yeah a lot of different things they do because it wasn't brady was more the supporting cast mentioned tight end receiver. The line safety spot on defense they could address sir. You Know Obviously D. Line there's a lot of different areas they could go another Rauscher edge rusher so the yeah they have a lot of host Phil or this division could very easily get away from Um you because it could be the first time in a long long time. It won't be Bella Chicken Brady and that's GonNa be interesting to see if Brady stays or goes to say the the the chargers or whoever it may a B and then what happens at quarterback Jarret Stidham sitting there. Do they go out and get a quarterback Andy Dalton or teddy bridgewater. Whoever it may be that's going to be fascinating to see how that plays is out because the supporting cast has to get better as well? I gave them tied. Xavier mckinney the safety from Alabama. Obviously Nick Sabin Bill. Belichick connection has worked the you in the past and it could work again there but they have they have about four or five areas could address. Yeah I mean I said it last year is the first time coming coming off of last season that it felt like this is this is the time that it just it brady and finally finally peaked and that this organization from a personnel standpoint and and with Brady not being able to basically mask all of some of the other issues that they have that they have not going to be. The same ain't now. They still went off on to have a great year by most organization standpoints but not for the Patriots. So they've got to have have a big year in terms of the draft in the off season and obviously. We can't do anything without knowing what Tom Brady is GonNa do but assuming Brady's gone let's just assume him that for a second Jarret Stidham came in and played. I think it was against the jets. I watched and they were up by one hundred points. It seemed like and they throw an interception and they put Brady back out there and it was almost like a message sent. It just doesn't cut it for for what we're trying to do now. I don't know where Bill Bill Belichick is in terms of his like for for Jerks Steadham. And what he thinks he can be in the future. But you have to believe. They're going to bring in other quarterbacks and use I don't I don't know. Is it going to be a veteran quarterback that that would be my guess versus trying to draft after quarterback and move up and go get a guy unless it's like a tour starting to drop because of the medical and I still don't see that happening. I think it'll be the veteran veteran route. If Brady's gone bringing another quarterback you know one of the guys that we've talked about already who who will be available and then go try to fill some of these other holes. I mean they need a tight end. They need a difference maker tight end. They need another playmaker wide receiver. And it's not if it's not brady then you now. How get to bring in some more traditional wide receivers and guys that maybe can workout is as rookies in our

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