All 4 federal prosecutors quit Roger Stone case


For federal prosecutors who helped convict former trump trump adviser adviser Roger Roger stone stone and and recommend recommend a a long long prison prison sentence sentence have have abruptly abruptly resigned resigned from from the the case case this this comes comes after after president president trump trump tweeted tweeted stones stones proposed proposed punishment punishment was was a a quote quote miscarriage miscarriage of justice followed by the justice department in saying they'll now ask for a lighter sentence more from correspondent in the field before resigning prosecutors about saying why they quit the case they had recommended Roger stone get up to nine years in prison for lying to Congress and witness tampering then the president tweeted that he could quote not all while this miscarriage of justice then the justice department said they would revise that serves recommendation at the OJ spokesman now saying they decided that before the president's tweet Democrats demanding an investigation including Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer who condemned the appearance of political meddling in the justice department rule of law in this grand grand tradition in this wonderful justice department is just being totally converted to Donald trump's own personal desires and needs and it's a disgrace

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