Iran attacks two Iraqi bases housing US forces in revenge for Soleimani's death


Tonight the US department of defense says Iran has launched more than a dozen ballistic missiles against American military forces in Iraq this attack against US forces comes after Iranian leaders vowed to retaliate for the killing of an Iranian general Qassem Soleimani NPR White House correspondent Franco or doing as joins us here in the studio and Franco what else do we know about these attacks tonight well we know that the Pentagon says it is clear that the missiles were launched from Iran US officials say they targeted at least two Iraqi military bases hosting US military in coalition forces the Iranian revolutionary guard is taking credit for the attack saying this is harsh revenge for the Solomonic killing and they warned even harsher response if the United States took further action I'll just note that the US has been preparing for some type of retaliation and what has the administration said tonight anything well the White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham says that the president has been briefed and is closely monitoring the situation as well as consulting with his national security team we know that defense secretary Mike as per as well as mark Millie chairman of the joints chief of staff chief of staff were at the White House tonight I'll also just added the vice president Mike pence also briefed house speaker Nancy Pelosi on the missile attacks represent of Hakeem Jeffries of New York he spoke with NPR's Claudia Chrysopolis and it said that members are still trying to gather information trying to figure out the well being of U. S. soldiers and any Americans there I know many people are concerned about casualties and at this point we don't have information about whether any Americans or Iraqis have been harmed as you said American officials have been very aware of the potential for Iran to strike back and said that the US would retaliate what are you expecting yeah earlier today in fact president trump said the U. S. military is prepared to retaliate if Iran strikes back if Iran does anything that they shouldn't be doing they're gonna be suffering the consequences and very strongly we still have a lot to report on with colleagues and at the Pentagon and in Baghdad in there doing those things right now and in Tehran and terror on I'll note that the president was clear earlier this week he warned of a disproportionate military response if to Iran if it right if it carries out a retaliatory strike against the US that's white house correspondent Frank or doing is with the latest on this breaking story thank you Franco thank

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