What happened between the US and Iran?

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The sound taken from Customs Lemonis funeral procession held yesterday in Tehran. The Iranian military he commander and head of the was killed on the third of January in a targeted. USS Strike. At back that airport. The death is expected to have repercussions just Iran and in the US but for the whole of the Middle East and beyond notch. My boobs look mayor the F. T.. Tehran correspondent is on the line. Tell us more high notch may commit start with what's what's happened. What prompted the US to launch a strike that killed Selemani any warning on Friday? It seems general survey money and for other Iranians hands as well as his Iraqi comrades. Where going to the airport when their cars were hit by Western strikes targeted assassination? The attack was a few days after iranian-backed Iraqi militias attacked the US embassy in Bava and after a civilian contractor was killed by a rocket attack the US blamed on Iranian backed militia in the US considered these as Iran crossing. Its redline by causing direct threats to American nationals and interests in the the region but now all of the says the US cross it's red line by targeting senior commander of the Iranian revolutionary. Surrey bought too many Iranians the national hero and because many reunions with it he kept the country safe from any foreign aggression and Security in Iran at a time other countries in the region where inflame people have been concerned. I'm for some time. The Iraq could become a flash point in the escalating tensions between the US and Iran. Can you tell us what Sulejmani was doing in Baghdad. And what is it that so frustrates the US. About Iran's role in Iraq was believed to be traveling quite frequently in the region in particular too Iraq Syria Lebanon where Iran's proxy forces are but he admonish initial kick very good relations with Iraqis. I can say that today. Iraq is more essential to Iran than any any other neighbor because of the US Sanchez which have exerted huge limitations on your own on. Banking transactions experts so Iran Iran exports around ten billion dollars of Iraq which is essentially judge the survival of Iran's economy on their the US sanctions but also like the Iraqi militias who are here as are extremely crucial. For Iran in its regional policies to standardize astounding stay yours to curb the influence of regional rivals so for Jerusalem money. It was essential to frequently Goto Auto Iraq Syria and Lebanon to keep these forces together down carry out. Iran's regional visions which are carrying having an influence of the U. S. is raid on regional rights. Of course the US would say that General Suleimani xt not supported backed mobilized militias river in Iraq. In Lebanon in Syria in Yemen which destabilizing the region and the trump administration is accused of the money of causing hundreds of American deaths. But that's been long known that Iran does sponsor militias across the Middle East. How did we get to this? Where do we trace the start of this escalation back to? I mean does it go back to Donald Trump's decision to unilaterally autry withdrawal the US from the nuclear deal Iran sign. We've all POWs in two thousand eighteen. This disconnection of their her latest goes back to two thousand eighteen when President Donald Trump decided to pull the US out of the nuclear accord order that it had signed with Iran and reimpose sanctions. Obviously Iran suffer from the consequences of Science Salat and after that Iran tried to use its leverage in the region to give it's power some analysts. Believe that one they would come that Iran on your sit at the negotiating table and on that day. Iran needs to have bargaining chips. Necessarily money was in charge of that side of Iran's leverage to keep the proxy forces powerful unto put divers under pressure

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