Paul Stroffolino, NYPD cop shot in Bronx ambush, returns home from hospital


The NYPD lieutenant who was shot in the arm and his Bronx precinct house yesterday left Lincoln hospital this afternoon the suspect in that shooting and Saturday night shooting of another officer in the Bronx was arraigned this afternoon on attempted murder charges he's being held without bail supporters of the police rallied in front of police headquarters today W. CBS's rich lamb was there rich who are those supporters and what was their message today well in you know it's unusual to see demonstration in front of police headquarters from supporters of the police and that's pretty unusual in itself well there are quite a number of elected officials Democrat and Republican there were civic leaders religious leaders people from chambers of commerce Brooklyn borough president Eric Adams a retired NYPD captain convene the meeting he said the reason for it as he put it was to show in his words now there is no space between law abiding new Yorkers and the men and women who are responsible for protecting the city of New York public advocate your money Williams a frequent critic of the NYPD and a reform advocates spoke out strongly against the attacks saying there is no one who can do anything but condemn with the strongest language anyone who tries to ambush and shoot a police officer rich NYPD leaders are concerned about what they call the recent anti police rhetoric yes police commissioner Dermot Shea himself noted that we had people marching through the streets of New York recently spewing hate against cops referring to a radical police hating group that cause havoc January thirty first when dozens of its members storm the city's subway system chanting anti anti NYPD slogans said the commissioner you have to be careful about the words you use words matter and words affect people's behavior rich we understand at least one police union blames mayor to blossom hill for these attacks on police well that's the sergeant union had had Molins who's known to be a blunt and that's probably understating it took direct direct I aim it may or applause yo Mullen said the the mayor's instituted policies that are putting our cops in harm's way well we're going to start to expose what really goes on in the NYPD what really goes on inside city hall those are his words they said the mayor is either going to get in front of this or it's going to get to a point that's not going to be

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