Trump fires impeachment witnesses


President trump continues his verbal attacks on some of the witnesses who testified during the house impeachment hearings president trump on Twitter calls lieutenant colonel Alexander Veneman insubordinate after ousting him from the National Security Council also his brother you have getting was let go some but not all see the moves as firings reports CBS news correspondent Paula read for months the National Security Council said that it wanted to downsize the national security adviser Robert o'brien told face the nation he believed that the agency had become bloated he denied the vin men would be retaliated against and the administration argues this was not retaliation this is just part of an overall downsizing U. S. E. U. ambassador Gordon Sunland was recalled the move comes just days after Joe trump was acquitted in the Senate on two articles of impeachment we saw a lot and then met our date of twelve officials who testified publicly during the impeachment process have either left their roles been reassigned or been

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