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Relevant with what happened with james harden and the san antonio a spurs the other night with the the dunk through the net and they couldn't see whether or not the ball actually went through the net because he dunked it too hard so obviously the sprayers are using nets that that are of some kind of substance to to lead us to what happened with harden and that whole debacle that actually brings me to another a great one because we did talk about the spurs ability to change the temperature in their arena but they've also had bats and even snakes at one point there was a snake the blazers locker room before a playoff game that really freaks people out if you knew one of your rivals was afraid of an animal and your home stadium was in like the middle of the texas desert like the AT and t. center would you be opposed to bringing in zoo animals of various sizes and kinds to mentally screw with your opponents a actually love this idea just because i can imagine if i was an NBA player and i walked into the locker room and saw a ah tarantula in my my seat where i'm supposed to sit down or anything like that i would

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