Africa, East Africa And George Weah discussed on Hotboxin' with Mike Tyson


You you know how then a chance of people walking around rounded fucking elephant. We don't have cannibals walking down the street across now. You gotta like the Safari to East Africa Ghezzi Shit like that like Jerry Jerry Rawlings. Jj Rollin man. He used to be pregnant. We needed president. He was a player not traveling with all his people and stuff. Yeah just one of my good friends are present. Liberia now George Weah. He's he's a a soccer player. He's not prison Liberia. Shut up to him but yeah man this is new is just Africa learn arrived life or the definitely are on the China invest in so much money in Africa so much fucking money a new fucking world over. Have you been there. It'd been Africa. I really want to go. You went right if you haven't been the South Africa before I've been Algieria before. He went to West Africa. Nigeria Ghana Nigerian gone. What are the best places to go? So if I'm taking on ago C Africa guy not the slave chuck yet

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