'1917' wins best film and best director at BAFTA awards

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So let's jump over to the baptism this is like the equivalent of like England's equivalent of the Oscars right. Yeah exactly this is the the British Academy of Film and Television Arts Awards and they they tend to skew a little bit more towards British films for obvious reasons so it should come as no surprise that both nineteen seventeen and director Sam Mendez came out on top with a win for best film and for best director and just for good measure nineteen seventeen also one on outstanding British film which isn't a war that they give specifically to films that were made by British filmmakers across the pond so no surprise there even the best best actor awards all went to the same people that it seems like they're going to go to for the Oscars Joaquin Phoenix Won. Four Joker Renee Zellweger one for Judy. The Laura dern won for marriage story for supporting actress and Brad Pitt one for once upon a time in Hollywood for supporting actor. So these these all seem like deadlocks for the acting categories Gorey's wants the Oscars roll around and it just continues to spell more a positive spin for nineteen seventeen winning the Oscar. If if it comes to that but again you know there has been an uptick in support for movies like parasite Enjo- Rabbit and whatnot. So we there's a chance that parasite could pull a quarter and upset. Even though plenty of people would be very happy to see parasite win.

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