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Iowa voters. Just one one day before. The all important Iowa caucuses Let's discuss among. Let's start with you. Brian What are you expecting to see tomorrow? I mean the last the Moines Register poll had sanders in the lead followed by a clump of Biden. Buddha Judge Warren and kind of vying within the margin of error for second place followed by the other candidates. Who Do you think has the best ground game? One thing that we've really seen consistently over the last six months or so. Is that these top four candidates. It's really have stayed in the top tour top four. They've solidified into this top tier even though there's been some volatility and so to your point it really can come down to ground game into how Organiz these campaigns are in the State of Iowa so Elizabeth Warren was the first person to come in build out that ground game higher up. Some top staff open up field offices so she's had the head start for more than a year so her team truly is organized. They're ready for this moment. We've seen some other people come in to judge Bernie Sanders has a lot of momentum. Right now so all of those things can factor in tomorrow night and what are you congresswoman. You've endorsed Joe Biden correct correct so understand that your your biases assist pro behind and but you've also you're also participant in the Iowa caucuses. He's you've also been open Iowa voter for a long time. What are you saying I listen? I totally agree. That ground game means a lot right here in Iowa but I think we're going to have great turnout across the board folks understand how important this election is when I'm out visiting people in my district over the sixteen counties it's healthcare putting more money in your pockets and those kitchen table issues. They're gonNA come out and vote for somebody caucus for somebody who can deliver on that and Jen Psaki. We were at the legendary Des Moines Steakhouse Ada one last night and we heard from a Biden Canvasser. That was rather disappointed disappointed in the ground game operation. They had set up They didn't have. Let's say they were. Ill prepared that's right and look energy and enthusiasm matter You know I was here for John Kerry and here for Brock Obama and you could feel it in the room you could feel it in auditoriums across the state but what matters most is what happens on Monday night. And what. What these organizers who were actually precinct captains? They're iowans what they do in the first round to get people in their corner and then what they do in the second round to convince their neighbors who are supporting support candidates who aren't viable to come their way so that wasn't a great sign to hear that story for Biden but I'm most interested in who is has the best precinct captains and the people people who are ready for what's going to happen in the room. Monday night although Scott Jennings who will join US later Republican who was here. I think to canvas for or to help Jeb Bush's campaign back in sixteen. He points out that when he came in Iowa caucuses he walked into a room. People were saying we've never had a turn out like this. And it was a bunch of trump people a bunch of trump supporters and some crews supporters. But the trump people were they're not organized just propelled by his message and there's clearly a lot of energy right now on the sanders side and we've seen this coming in to today's conversation but the truth is for twenty. Five months is basically been between Biden Sanders. The numbers have gone up and down and those two directions and so I wouldn't underestimate regardless of the steakhouse and I'll forgive you for no. I wouldn't underestimate what it may mean for Vice President Biden to have folks show up even if they're unorganized even if they're not as familiar or accustomed to the caucusing process says and still be there throughout on his behalf. You've also got a lot of undecided. That are out there. What do they decide to do when they go into these? The half I think forty five percents. They're not fully. That room is so important. People are trained. If they're ready whether it's the Bernie Sanders Approach Elizabeth Warner. The Joe Biden approach. They can bring those people the corner. That's why this is going to be a wild ride. I don't think that there's going to be very different than what we've been hearing up to this point which people want a person who can be donald trump right and so at the end of the day. I think that's what's what's going to play in that room more than anything is who could be donald trump they're always wildcards one wildcard former nominee Hillary Clinton who said some disparaging things about Bernie Sanders in documentary commanderie. And then again in a podcast and this is the response from congresswoman retreated to leave one of Bernie Sanders surrogates on the campaign trail. Speaking in Iowa take a listen. You guys remember last week when someone by the name of Hillary Clinton.

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