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Let's get into the big news today. You saw him arrive at the airport in Cincinnati Yorgen Locadia. He is on loan as designated player for six months. Then it's a two and a half year deal tacked onto the back of it. The option basically weekly for since he to make it permanent is one of many loans for designated players including the sounders recent DP signing come through major league soccer right now a little bit of a trend. I'd like to know more about that. Perhaps ask somebody or somebody will report it looking at you. Tom bogaerts substantial poyton. Oreo that would be nice out and Tom in that. I figured you know for people out we might as well. Yeah you know. What's motivating era? I taught management is exactly they still have a deep part do Cincinnati because he's moving into a new season. He is exempt from from the fee for maximum. Three club rule because he was at Brighton. Hove and then. He went on on the half and then he scored four goals in twelve games. We didn't really play after the winter break and now he is is coming this way but they allow it because it is a new season for him twenty six. He was a twenty million dollar player two years ago this time from PSV quick reactions actions before we chat with you again. What do you think this is different? This is not Cincinnati of of yesteryear. These are different profile of players. Both him in Kubo and rumors were Pereiro. And they're linked with Moore. They now feel to. DP's at this. They told you right Nike told you it was GonNa Be Three D. Peas right. He said they will get a ten okay in this window now whether it's a right now with Moroccan player. WHO's out of contract here? But yeah now be a DP. Yeah so I uh I don't think they can play an actual ten in that midfield to be honest with you. I don't I don't think you could play a true Tan and Harrison's union together in the same three man midfield you need to ball-winners like get creative by you create scoring chances by winning the ball and transition and quickly and by relying on your wingers and ability to release wingers into space but anyway As for Locadia does feel a little bit like Joseph Martinez is in that. He's in his prime player. Justice was a little younger when he signed with Atlanta but in in his prime player who was maybe not in the best situation in in a decent club in a top four league the talents. There we see you can just watch his highlight film. You see the now and you look at the numbers he put up with. PSV SV is the type of move that this is why you hire guys like Nike Camp in Ron's because they have the connections to make moves like this and there's a lot of sense and then you mentioned I think the idea like the thought process behind it which feels new and the little. I've seen of him. He likes to drop coffin. Connect a little bit more and Kuba. We know as a guy who's GonNa float in and plans like a second forward really so now you're doubling down with a concept of this is how we play this how we create chances. Says you let those guys work together. You and you may Kubo's life easier. You make his life easier and I agree with you. There seems to be some good upside to the signing. And there's also runway to make it a twenty six years old a guy who hasn't been in good situations if he's happy if he feels comfortable you've got a few years with him and I liked the fact that they brought him in now now and didn't wait the six months for him to finish out the spring and see where he's at in the summer and maybe save a little money on that like get him in preseason make them a part of this team make them apart Ron Yawns Don's group going forward absolutely all right. Let's talk to him. Look there's only one thing better than the March Cincinnati and that's new signings Dave and they that's true. The march is the best thing that happens in Cincinnati. All right. Let's welcome you're welcome to the show you're GonNa what's up man curry. We're doing really well. We're loving what. FC Cincinnati is putting together including when you let's start with the obvious which is why you're Y Cincinnati. Why molest what was behind this decision for you Robin in Austin often. So I love. I love the people here and I know the League is getting bigger lately so what's the simple simple decision from. The Communist was fast moving process. Was this months of sort of build up or did this happen recently. For you Like a week. I guess I heard about it like a week ago. And he'll have happened like in three days days. Maybe so when this happens when the aging agent wherever it is calls you and says FC Cincinnati Major League soccer on your side as a player. What do you do do you go start watching highlights? Do you go start reading. Do you make phone calls to your friends or you hit up you. What are you doing First thing I did was like calling a friend of mine plays Columbus Room. Yeah I called him and buddy say did he have positive things to say. Yeah definitely told me like the people. Good the fine people Ohio's nice and the rhetoric might as well League's getting better every year here. So it's a nice since you signed. Did you guys having a little banter now with the guys are arrivals. I heard what about Columbus Cincinnati arrivals. What was the pitch from the club side from FC? Cincinnati jared nine camp coming in. What did he say to you? What was it that maybe got it over the line of why you want to be part of this project Supply joined. MLS like was he says. Ago Of last season Basically from from the start so I Like the project It's all new for new for the people you know for the fans and and people for the club and I WANNA be a part of it you know to build something new and pre new memories and you know maybe in the League enough and also that's why I you know I wanted to join it's new and it's a great starting to make new memories you know as someone who came up obviously born in Holland and through Holland. How much did it mean to you that it was nine campaign Ron's yawns that are putting this together? Did you know them at all. Before I new on yawns I play the games against him. And all this and You know that's the first time I met Girotti. Are you a centre forward. You're going to attend. I think you're going to wear the number ten but I look at the depth chart and I look at your background and I think they need to centre forward. Where do you think you'll play? Where do you WANNA play I I'm a Senate floor but I like to down the left side also like behind the striker and doesn't matter for me as long I play my games. You know trying to be important for the same. Can you describe what you're for people who haven't seen your highlights watched you play a in the Bundesliga the primarily air disease. Can you describe what type of forward you are like. What is your favorite way to play? In what the fans can expect back from you I'm like a strike like my go directly to go. You know no shortcuts. Just make my action step over and and just shoot on target and I can shoot from distance also

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