Bill Murray stars in 'Groundhog Day'-inspired Super Bowl commercial


That will here's you know they do this thing called ad meter and so think something that advertising agencies use to rate the effectiveness of their commercial some people read respond to the commercials they have their top commercials that are out today and then the commercial the people responded to most positively last night was the Bill Murray commercial to Bill Murray cheap groundhog day commercial there was only shot last week up in Woodstock with bill you never pricing is our role from the movie they brought back get bills brother Brian Doyle Murray I was part of the spot the guy that played in and my a Ryerson it was back in the I corps Phil and Steve doll by the way did he the the voice the the on the radio the DJ on the radio on the radio clicks on is Chicago's and Steve doll you know what I didn't catch that I missed that done many emails about it yesterday nice down any minute ago so it goes fever yeah that's that's kind of

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