It's tax season, which means it's also tax scam season. Here's what you need to know


Whether or not you're short on time or maybe you just hate doing your taxes there are plenty of services out here to help you file but summer scams the IRS says consumers lost nearly eighteen million dollars in tax scams just last year they want you to be suspicious scams of all kinds including IRS tax scams are getting more sophisticated millions of Americans have filed complaints claiming they've lost money to a scam the caller ID may look legitimate but you can't trust call ID anymore during a a RP is sent on government imposter scams Rodney Davis with the U. S. treasury inspector general for tax administration says the IRS has received more than two and a half million skin complaints as of February first of this year US attorney for Maryland Robert her anyone who claim to be from the government and tells you to wire money Hey with a gift card or send cash is a scammer victims of a scam can file a report with the Federal Trade Commission online find that link it WTOP

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