Minnesota Vikings, Fox And Houston Texans discussed on The Yeisley Financial Hour


Box on football I'm not a politician out with the regular season over black Monday struck in the NFL seeing the Cleveland Browns part ways with head coach Freddie kitchens in the New York Giants bid farewell to Pat Shurmur he says the Washington Redskins wasted no time filling in their head coaching vacancy hiring former Carolina Panthers head coach Ron Rivera my response was to get the most of the players to work with them teach them mentor them the Redskins fire Jay Gruden back in October with bill Callahan overseeing things in the interim for the remainder of the season some sad news former Cincinnati Bengals head coach Sam wife passed away after a battle with cancer watch let the bangles to appearance in Superbowl twenty three he was seventy four years old Saturday kicks off the wild card round of the playoffs with the Buffalo Bills taking on the Houston Texans New England Patriots facing the Tennessee Titans for the past since their first time missing I'm a first round bye since two thousand nine Sundays all about the NFC the New Orleans Saints will play host to the Minnesota Vikings and the Seattle Seahawks will face the Philadelphia Eagles per box on football I'm not a politician on fox news.

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