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Ricky Gervais doesn't waste any time offending at Golden Globes


I last night the Golden Globe Awards Ricky Jr vase hosting let's take a listen to a little bit of what Ricky Jr vase have the sack hello and welcome to the seventy seventh annual golden globe awards I'm with the device thank you and you'll you'll be pleased to know this the lost time I'm hosting these awards so I don't care anymore I'm joking I need to have a date if you do it in a war tonight don't use is a a platform to make a political speech right you were known positions election the public about anything you know nothing about the real world most of you spend less time in school than Greta from bugs so if you come up it's too late in the war thank you I gin when you called I'm not the regular rates pretty funny last night let's get into with Emily Justin's get call Treader over at the federals had been watching all this very closely and only good morning morning then wow this was a breath of fresh air what happened last night yeah it was really great I mean this is definitely recruiter rage stuck so and kind of what his tradition of the call gold is tennis takes no it he spares no body and that's why he's such a fun house the golden globes by that ask them back on again the group because of like the two zero Lisa from Arkansas or shows good fit for them but I thought lessons with little bit different and he actually confronted Hollywood over her one scene in doctrine for being friends with Jeffrey after he can't really just went down the list and he even went on the thing about big tax you know he said that all like to think you're so work so well but look at the company you work for apple and Amazon and Disney and so this is really have a contract in Hollywood Hollywood on some of its biggest blind spots and right to the face of the clock we close it was really really something to watch so is this part of a new trend that we're starting to see we saw Dave Chapelle come out with a very very edgy special for Netflix and got rave reviews from certain factions but not from others but is this what we're going to start to see we're gonna start to see comedians push back against this woke Hollywood that we say oh yeah absolutely I mean is even saris special but came out last year even the shovel who's really best known for having both performance at the White House correspondents dinner a couple years back her new stand up special actually sort of pushes back on some of the the the new rules political correctness and so I think there's a classic comedian and it is a lot of comedians frankly who are so tired of the new rules that their new specials reflect that they're really starting to concentrate on back in their teens so this is something that we're seeing you know become a lot more widespread I think it shows that the momentum has really turned in the battle against political correctness of within the cultural battles and close critical political correctness because comedians you know there's a lot that were hit hardest by some of the stuff I remember Jerry Seinfeld thank you would go to college campus anymore and so they really have been out front fighting this fight and your vases totally been one of the I. with the greatest comedians throughout last night absolutely requested that yeah but then the palace guards closing ranks I you see websites like vox which is a liberal website they came out with an article in advance of Ricky Gervais is hosting last night and and trying to attack Ricky Jr vase for all of his offensive jokes in the past there is clearly a category of liberal writer and thought leader I guess who is very opposed to this type of breaking ranks yeah it's funny I mean he's already gotten some criticism from the last of them like what twelve hours I've seen a lot of entertainment site hosts some sort of like they're criticizing him basically saying tired schtick it's not funny all those jokes are all the same but I don't think that's how a lot of the viewers the host I think there's a reason that he was asked back to the golden globes especially it's just so funny that Hollywood invite him to basically skewer Hollywood's every give his case it's because it's actually really energy unit called about well so those critiques that it's not funny someone I think we're totally flat and I expect that most people were watching last night were very but the people who were watching last night were not the target of the jokes they were the people who were in on the joke switches which is us we've we've been bemoaning the fact that Hollywood isn't funny anymore Saturday Night Live is another one suddenly in the last couple of months or so Saturday's life has become funny because they're starting to to I guess poked a finger at themselves now they're starting to point the finger at themselves now we haven't seen that in a long time from them so what's happening is and if we remember back to literally go Saturday Night Live remember Christmas episode song lists the cast All I Want for Christmas is you to Robert Muller and it was just a moment of their total perfectly calculation of the lack of self reflection how unfunny become and a year later do you really start to see that self awareness that showing up in some of the sketches and I think the trump era has forced Hollywood to confront some of its insularity and you reduce your interesting moment once the orders that you put the idea was that you guys are qualified about politics because that was on the school greens Greta son Burke it and so I think there's been something of the truckers kind of forced them because there's so much talk about all the stuff that's at the front center of the cultural conversation forced them to kind of record with their role with everything now again that doesn't mean that all of them are listening to Trish are cut Michelle well you spoke a very political acceptance speeches right very liberal acceptance because I mean the show Williams who is reportedly pregnant by the way went on tires that it's about portents of abortion it doesn't mean that everybody's listening but I do think you are start starting a few more people

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Ricky Gervais doesn't waste any time offending at Golden Globes

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