Christmas Racing Review: Part 2


Welcome to our second festive review on the final furlong podcast on Miss Kennedy alongside Bet Fares Connor. Hello Hello Welcome back. My French French TV show. There wasn't it I I like that. What about do you want to do the accident? You can do not Lulu simple. It is also the glorious return from a long absence of at the races. Irish tipster on one of the best writers in the game final. Furlong podcast legend. Tony Kanaan his back on the show up. Build up the only one who really gives us some but this is you. Don't be hyping it up and down and happy new everyone Beta Beta. We agree to bike and show. We'll be talking reassessment and good risk that it's great to have you back. I know that you are incredibly busy. Best of luck a new bundle of joy on the way as well for the New Year so the workload is going to get even harder in in the house but looking forward to having you on the podcast a bit more and particularly unity with you and the children preview with you in the usual venue all being well and we're looking forward to that so look that'll be better Caracas. Well let's get into our review so in part one with Jess and Kate. We look back at Saint. Stephen's Day and boxing day from here. We're going from the twenty seven th onwards. So we'll start with the Patty's rewards club loyalties altis did look for rewards chase. This was check on poor soil is supposed to be crowning moment. I guess his return. He done a brilliant piece of work or at least it looked that way. Danny Mullen said worn the head cam it all it very impressive buddy got blown away. By the two stars of the moment Henry Debrum head and Rachel Blackmore the story on the fair exchange beforehand Karen. I presume shotgun personnel was being well-supported Yeah Second Priscilla laws. I mean this was the hartaway. We're all hoping to see over Christmas. This harstad we spoke about before Christmas was one of the ones who are really excited to see this race and never really for me got GEICO and in the race it did hit a low point. Few eight hundred surround want to four ALU tired hides a BS five point five which is nine to two and did eleven or ten into one in running which again until surprise me to be honest. I mean our plutarch's the youngest one in the race I suppose the kind of almost forgot how amazing and I wrote Shetland. Moore's last time I if I was looking at the shotgun slot ruin it. I don't know twenty split seemed to be almost missing an extra year when it it was coming up. I like to know what they are going to do. Now both does a lot of reasons. I suppose that you could still be in the campus. Well which can persuade was it. I ruin and so will I know some people have said the populist Carson maybe not sold audible for me but I'd like to see off new tired now go onto the right air. I'd like to see how we get on with that and shocking. We'll give it. We'll give one more ago. I wouldn't show the baby out with water. Just it was a disappointing on a strange Leopardstown and a strange Christmas relief for Willie mullins because a number of his big guns severely disappointed. Some of them had very a legitimate excuses. He still ended up being top trainer at Leopardstown which was odd considering the amount of bubbles that were burst but Gordon Elliott currently has a five hundred thousand euro lead over in the trainer's title but sh- as Brian Flanagan said whisper. That one quietly that he's currently got that lead. What did you make out of a plutarch? Let's start with the winner. Tony Ryanair as is the target for him much to Roy frustration. But this was in. This was impressive. Maybe we'll take Willie mullins Christmas for steroid very intentional Christmas and for a yard strange. They're we're having a strange season and history at no over the last couple of weeks mont seventeen eighteen percent whereas there's like William Orleans seasons past twenty percent thirty percent the question. I was asking me winning where all the new horses Commodore Chat Chat. lapis tones past year could be shared with emboldens would have maybe a couple of French horses. That hadn't been seen in on the days run in the mid and orders you'd be seen six to four in the morning east hates. Take that on 'cause off four to five and winds fifteen minutes and you're kicking yourself do toss this year are- recycling the same incident. Orders the fee spirituality. I wanted on Stevens the business and and the game it's Josh. Let's call him Jones. Noga be the Donnie Colorado's debate and Henry sources wherever wherever the new communist of the bar. Quick questions is is. Don't think deeply who's really nervous order the minutes. Jesus is Avenue. Thank you see what I'm getting at this time does pass to be fit the top of a novice whore you'll be thinking about not supreme body body more stats or whatever not this year so that that's a little bit strange. They last year obviously young harsh on in the champion Bumper Cheltenham. Blue Saturday. He'd already disbands. We may talk about emily and so some slightly stain season going on now William owners now some of them just come back to check on Bush lost some of them. You could argue are are needing to run a little bit. That would not be the usually it would win over the years so I was bit. Negatively is the bubble burst Chakma Shaw possibly reports this and he don't have a sort of an impossibly high salen after punches. Tony he destroyed. You officers the officers coming from win and grade wants and as has been pointed out that was. NBC's and follow him. He was a fresh horse. Daffy wasn't fresh injected Geneva wasn't fresh that lottery at that stage taught zoning twenty-seven Puerto a little bit of Lydia. NYDIA is good for very good place. When he tip evening free bought him a electors? The winner m writing is put in the salvaged performance. was dimissed. This one and I was amazed to cope with the drop in trip. Am I tipped this shop and I didn't think this was remotely possible that it was going to afford enough augments stick this Richard said he was on his head a little bit early on. Didn't didn't really look that way and I talked. He was well on top after last. was never allowed on. And you know what I think is he just. After taking another mass of jump he looked very good and am NASTYA. Henry says you need. They're enforcing motor navin. I know he's just he's just a proper a he is only faith it chuck. You'll be seeing all this scope which is seven had raised in France before it came to. Willie mullins wait. It didn't roll Naomi. Ah for whatever many days and just look this up here and toes and named is needed wasn't trained for those days those teams you know for good copy. So I'm I'm a little bit lukewarm checking schlock boat incredibly positive on a plutot on Henry debris made 'em noth- known for Shea and away from big risk so I'm wondering are they going to go championships with this horse and I'd be interested in them. Not just was a brilliant performance and dig a statement another step forward. I was very good on the clock as what trainer comments can always be open to interpretation. And that's something that Mara was referencing in our bonus. Bonus betting special podcast. which if you haven't listened to strongly recommend that you do that? He often takes trainer comments with a pinch of salt and he's more interested in just doing his own form work and coming up to his own conclusions. The initial plan was Ryanair. That was what they were. They were staging they were going to do. And of course. That's the distance that he the handicapped children last year. But Roy was putting the source up as a big price for the champion chase at the start of the season and you have jost post given him a little bit more encouragement. And when you look at the current Marcus like does a question mark over your deputy Sawyer is coming through and has looked very good. He's passed every test so far. But there's probably going to need a little bit more

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