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Wildfire disaster worsens as Australian Navy rescues evacuees stranded on a beach


It's Saturday in Australia in the country was bracing for a furnace blast if he wins and raging wildfires in apocalyptic conditions deputy fire commissioner rob Rogers for the state of New South Wales said firefighters were under no illusion they would be able to halt the spread of the bush fires they were just hoping no more lives would be lost we're unfortunately very likely we will lose times tomorrow but will be very happy in local XSS if there's no lives lost that is S. single focus tomorrow latest news is two more people did die in the fires more than two hundred fires are burning and warnings of extreme danger to come prompted mass evacuations of tens of thousands of people in what may have been the largest such evacuation in Australian history the climate field wild fires are unprecedented traffic was gridlocked as people fled firefighters escorted convoys any evacuees's fires threaten to close roads navy ships were called in to pluck hundreds of people stranded on beaches the prime minister of Victoria declared a disaster across much of the eastern part of the state allowing the government to order evacuations in an area with as many as one hundred forty thousand permanent residence and tens of thousands more vacationers New South Wales declared a fire emergency Arthur Stevens a feature story news has more on the evacuations the evacuation of the communities and surrounds in the south of New South Wales and they know the studies to Victoria continues with potentially up to sixty thousand people like to be moved out the evacuations come as prime minister Scott Morrison who's a Tory devastated areas was jeered and tries out of cannot go with locals telling him he should be ashamed of himself after leaving the country to burn while she went on a Christmas holiday in Hawaii on Friday local firefighters were joined by thirty nine others and to lay eyes on officers from the U. S. one of the sixty one for the US the dead from Canada should be on the fire ground next week other Stevens Melbourne this week at least four hundred forty five homes were destroyed on the New South Wales southern coast and dozens of burned in Victoria ten deaths were confirmed in the two states this week Victoria authorities also said twenty eight people were missing fires also burning in Western Australia South Australia and Tasmania the navy evacuated about a thousand people from Malibu tell a coastal town in Victoria cut off for days by fires that forced as many as four thousand residents and tourists to shelter on beaches landing craft ferry people to a ship offshore evacuees waiting to board the ship to strive Smokin embers flying everywhere when the fires were at their worst prime minister Scott Morrison cut short a visit to co Bargo in New South Wales when locals yelled at him called him an idiot a scumbag and worse and criticized him for the lack of equipment to deal with the fires in town Morrison said he understood the anger of people affected by the fires Leslie to do was to provide the support of the calm of government and to assure them of of everything we are doing to support them in this time of night whether it's three direct assistance payments or whether it's the work of the strand defense force were getting in behind the emergency services if it here flying in fuel flying in supplies in an interview late in the day with the Australian broadcasting corporation Morrison was defensive about his handling of the crisis he did not I did you dig nor the warnings of fire chief said Australia was heading into a catastrophic fire season the prime minister repeatedly has asserted the fires are a natural disaster not the result of climate change experts though say global warming caused by burning fossil fuels has exacerbated the unprecedented wildfires in Australia and elsewhere around the world like California seven marks a feature story news spoke with the fire science professor who said eight thousand kilometer area of the Australian east coast about six hundred twenty miles a roughly the distance from you Rico telus Angelus likely will be affected this weekend the Australian prime minister Scott Morrison was forced out of one devastated town where residents of furious over his government's response the situation is beyond unprecedented wave sort of entering of scenarios that you couldn't Graeme out there if you want to tell you fire science professor David Bowman from the university of Tasmania the next activation but the weather conditions are going to deteriorate was this trial it will be impacted because then substrate has mine yeah and then the eastern part of the Korean something because you suck wiles expecting conditions possibly eclipsing what happened earlier this week it's going to be basically old huge thousand Cologne bottle on a full and that's gonna be driving up the age because and who knows what's going to get taken out by that smoke from the fires has now reached the shores of new Zealand's twelve hundred miles away I think yellow hazes descended on glaciers in the country's self island a popular tourist destination for No Way in Australasia is the crisis going to be resolved soon with FSN spotlight I'm Simon marks a Sydney university ecologist told the Sydney morning Herald that nearly five hundred million birds reptiles and mammals are likely to have perished in the state of New South Wales a lone frog bats and insects are excluded from his estimate making the toll on animals much

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Wildfire disaster worsens as Australian Navy rescues evacuees stranded on a beach

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