AMD Outshines Intel at CES 2020


Think the big news for us us at this week in computer hardware as Amdi is absolutely totally and utterly taking seven nanometer into the mobile space and gunning for Intel's tells biggest moneymaker on the CPU side which is of course laptop processors or mobile processors. And and that that was the big sticking point we've talked so much in two thousand nineteen about rising three thousand processors and they had their seven nanometer zen to architecture picture and as complicated as Pew Micro Architecture is just the fact that Ed they reached that seven nanometer number to do things like really push shit with aggressive clock speeds release more cores because they went to a new manufacturing technology that uses something called chip bullets which are little. CPU CPU while they're they're small. CPU dies that go on to a larger substrates. And you can put more than one of them onto a CPU so on desktop that can fit two of these things in the same size processor package that used to top out at four six maybe eight cores. And now we have products like they're sixteen core reisen nine three nine fifty x so on on the mobile side though there was brazen three thousand which was just kind of rebranded Zen plus technology from the year before so it was still on twelve nanometer. It it didn't really make the impact on mobile that you would expect it. Although we talked previously about Intel's woes kind of getting products out the door. They had their own fourteen hundred meter Issues with supply so more and more laptops started becoming available with Andy as an option even though it was an older architecture the great thing now as far as competition goes and and seeing where this will take us as far as mobile performance in two thousand twenty is susanne to is now on mobile big announcement and we're talking about mobile parts that are up to Acor sixteen threads and that's from a forty forty-five watt part that would be the rise in seven forty eight hundred h and actually a thirty five watt variant of. It called the forty eight hundred. H S also exists Eisai's Jason is one in an RG notebook. But you know it's pretty serious stuff. We're talking about you know four. Six eight core hyper threaded or in this case. SM T like multi threaded Parts for Mobile at seven nanometers hitting the kind of TDP. EP targets that we've been used to from inside with their higher performance mobile parts which up until recently I mean I think the highest part from Intel on mobile global is probably going to be. I think it's a core sixteenth as well. There's an option for that. In some very high in notebooks and linked the new macbook pro and that sort of thing prior to that they'd had an option for up two six cores and across the board most of their options around the four core mark and those are still fourteen nanometer parts. There are some ten meter parts out there. We you definitely saw more announcements of your stuff from Intel et ce. Yes but just the fact that reisen three thousand and is now on mobile. It's called Reisen. Four thousand that's the thing the mobile parts or a generation ahead as far as the naming convention goes but it's it's literally just the notebook variant of two thousand nineteen hottest product. So that's very big news and just Everything that that involves I really at at this point. They don't have navy on mobile we haven't you know we know that's coming coming we know they're working on Nahvi integration with AP US obviously amd has has scored the win with both of the new gaming systems. Coming up with the xbox playstation decision five so we coming but for now we've already seen things at CVS like the forty eight hundred thousand seven mobile part are paired with like an arts twenty sixty in a high end gaming laptop. And that's just something that we had just totally foreign to anybody who has gone to any of these shows covered industry for the last five or six years when any gaming laptop period or productivity machine. The one I'm holding in my lap right now I was always some form of either a core. I five or core. I seven mobile Intel part and if it offered discrete graphics it was probably going to be an invidia discrete graphics exchange and now. AMD has found their way into more and more laptop models throughout two thousand nineteen and now isn't just a sort sort of metoo products where they can fill a void left by Intel struggling to meet demand for their fourteen nine meterologist parts suddenly. It's it's a significantly better alternative in some cases depending on what the target is. I can't wait to get these end because we can look at at charts and we're looking at right now watching the video of you know single threaded performance gains multi threaded gains the graphic performance. Because there there are integrated graphics with these as well But just getting them in hand testing laptops and seeing what the finished product is going to be if the battery life is going to be any different than Intel Park because if we get these and they run at the same temperature as as an integral part and they have about the same battery life but you're getting higher core counts. It'll I feel like it could do the same thing. That's rising did on desktop where really pushes Intel to respond with more and more of what had been reserved for those ultra high performance. Like mobile workstation parts. Yeah because that's kind of what this is like the forty forty eight hundred zero reisen. Part is like a mobile workstation. CPU Yeah No. I mean that's the big thing for me. is they from really from a performance standpoint. This is this is fantastic right. 'cause we can pretty much guarantee they're gonNA cost less or the same amount of money. You're you'RE GONNA get a lot more course. What I'm very curious about is to see how ambitious Abe's architect fares are architecture with battery life? Because so much of Intel's Technical Prowess or engineering focus over the last few years has not been about like upping the amount of work clock cycles so so much as they have been working on reducing the amount of energy consumed by the processor at all and the associated chipsets sets and everything else around it and they have a lot of fairly serious engineering accurate and tied up in that we think you know and part of the reason we think that or I think that is because you know until told us for years at the Pierre is not the big power consumer the CPR is not too big power. It's the screen. And then they get a massive Chains they just re architect it the way they handled You know the power of the processor and all of a sudden battery lice went up like fifty percent and it was just kind of like okay. That happened but to get back to where you were going. I think if if you can you get more performance but you have to. The battery life is becomes less compelling story. I think they have to deliver battery Park. That is comparable to the Intel parts or the battery. Life's for us to. I mean this is exciting though I really WanNa see whether or not you know. HP Dell and Lenovo. Oh step up to sign up for these parts on their premier laptop lines which would be a gutsy move for them to this is going to piss off Intel and there's always the possibility is is amby going to be able to scale on this. Are the parts going to be. It's it's always exciting when you go with something new but I envy is a lot of experience with seven nanometer at this point and we seem to still be able to buy GP SO I. I feel That that the the the processes working that said I think their goals to sell like an order of magnitude more mobile processors. They sell jeep us. Because there's a lot more mobile users than there are are people Graphics cards for gaming so I mean in terms of like our coverage is probably the biggest story at the

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