Why Do We Drop a Ball on New Year's Eve?



Brain stuff lauren bugaboo. We're here every December thirty first throngs of revelers eager to ring in a new year crowd into New York. City's Times Square in the final minutes of the year. As the clock ticks. Away seconds towards midnight and opulent oversized ball descends from above and when it reaches its destination. The crowd cheers. The current times. Square ball is the seventh version to perform the duty of ringing in the New Year. The tradition began in nineteen o seven when a ball made of iron and wood covered in one hundred light. Bulbs descended a flagpole all the latest version of the ball boasts two thousand six hundred eighty eight crystal triangles and thirty two thousand and two hundred and fifty six led modules. The New Year's ball drop. Has Its roots in naval history inspired by the time balls introduced in the early eighteen. Hundreds these devices were fixed towers and coastal towns and would drop a ball all at a precise moment of the day to alert nearby ships captains. When to precisely set their navigational tools called chronometers? The current New Year's tradition is a particularly American American affair and the Times Square ball drop has inspired numerous imitators around the country and even around the world so today which is New Year's Eve if you're listening on the day the episode comes out I wanted to share some of the weirdest most wonderful things that people drop to ring in the New Year for more than two decades a city in central Pennsylvania Selena has celebrated the tournament calendar by dropping a massive Baloney spiced to meet is popular in the region and Lebanon. Pennsylvania is home to several producers service plus. There's an annual Baloney festival every January for the first twenty years of the New Year's event a single two hundred pound Bologna. That's about ninety. Kilos would be lowered powered by an industrial crane right before had been night in two thousand sixteen though the tradition shifted from one massive Baloney to twenty individual blocks of Baloney weighing in at ten pounds owns or four and a half kilos. Each the reason. For the change the organizers the annual event donate them to charity after the drop and it took too long in the hours after midnight to slice this up one gigantic Baloney. Apparently for twenty twenty a disco ball will be attached to the Bologna. Let's go next to Saint George's Bermuda where revelers avelar. Don't just get to celebrate a few hours. Before most of the rest of the Western Hemisphere they get to watch a gigantic onion. Drop at the stroke of midnight as musicians artists performers in street food vendors. Live up kings. Square Saint George's founded in sixteen. Twelve was Bermudez first. English settlement and the island became major producer and exporter of onions. Glittering golden onion covered in light bulbs descends about the square which overlooks Hamilton Harbour and laser show and fireworks traditionally follow the event rent but back Pennsylvania in addition to the Baloney the drops in Lebanon less than two hours away. The city of Bethlehem celebrates or that enormous peop- drop that wraps up a two day celebration known as peeps best. This sugary and divisive marshmallow confection is generally produced in the shape of a bird and is most commonly found in the US around the Easter holiday. Just boring the Bethlehem based Candy Company responsible for peeps also makes my connects and hot tamales. The giant EH dropped on New Year's Eve weighs four hundred pounds. That's about one hundred and eighty kilos and finally let's head to Sunny Arizona and the city of show low. This locale gets its unique name stays as a frontier town without a name and the story goes the two rival cowboys and ranch. CODERS were playing an extended game of poker and the loser would vacate the city leaving the other with hundreds of acres of land the deciding hand in who would stay and who would go. According to city lore would belong to whichever cowboy oh boy could show low by holding the lowest value card possible and the winner turned over a two of clubs these days. Not only these cities Main Street tamed. Deuce of clubs but show low drops a colossal illuminated playing card every December thirty first. It's just a block away from where a statue commemorating. The card game once stood once stood because the original fiberglass statue accidentally burned down during a candlelit vigil in two thousand sixteen. It's being replaced by Lebron's one. Here's to a safe and flame free New Year's Eve.

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