Trump was reportedly given a 'menu' of options for the Iran strike that included ships, missile facilities, and militia groups


Have woken up to a more dangerous work. That is what a French government official told The Washington Post about president. Trump's trump's choice of the most extreme option presented to him to deal with Iran's aggressions in Iraq and elsewhere in the Middle East that extreme option was of course the killing of Iran's top military commander journal Sulejmani last week a team of New York Times reports using sources inside the trump administration reported on on the options presented to the president. This way the options included strikes on Iranian ships or missile facilities or against iranian-backed militia groups in Iraq the Pentagon also oh tacked on the choice of targeting General Sulamani mainly to make other options seem reasonable when Mr Trump chose the option of killing killing General Sulamani top military officials flabbergasted. Were immediately alarmed about the prospect of Iranian retaliatory strikes on American troops in the region The Times reports that the execution of the plan to kill the general depended entirely on who might greet the general when he arrived at Baghdad or airport. If General Sulejmani had been met by an Iraqi government official or someone else who the United States was unwilling to kill General Sulejmani would be alive today. Secretary of State. Mike Pompeo was not one of the trump administration officials who was flabbergasted. By the President's decision to kill General Sulejmani The Washington Post reports that Mike Pompeo had been urging the president to kill General Sulejmani for months. Sanitary Pompeo did a victory lap. On Sunday morning. Television television saying quote we took a bad guy off the battlefield. We made the right decision. I'm proud of the effort that president trump undertook. Someone else who wasn't wasn't flabbergasted is Donald Trump's former national security adviser John Bolton. He tweeted his congratulations. Congratulations on the killing of General Selemani. But unlike Mike Pompeo John Bolton refused to name president trump as the person responsible for the killing John. Bolton's tweet simply said congratulations to all involved in eliminating some Sola money. Hope this is the first step in regime change in Tehran. Warhawks hawks like John Bolton frequently. Try to avoid the real language of what they advocate so they like to use words like eliminating when they mean killing and regime change when they mean all out war. No one is more aggressive toward Iran than John Bolton and it may be the John Bolton is now so confident that Donald Donald Trump has now put the United States on an irreversible path to all war with Iran the John Bolton no longer needs Donald trump in the White House especially with the Washington Post reporting that Vice President Mike Pence was also urging the killing of General Sulejmani along with Secretary the State Pompeo because today of all days as the situation got worse and worse for the United States in Iraq with the Iraqi parliament having voted one hundred seventy two zero to expel the American military and American government officials from Iraq. Today of all days is the day that John Bolton decided added to publicly announce in writing on his website that he is ready willing and able to testify in the impeachment trial of Donald Trump in the United States set quote. I have concluded that if the Senate issues a subpoena for my testimony I am prepared to testify now. You can believe in in coincidence cements. We've all seen instances of it in our own lives. John Bolton doesn't do coincidence John Bolton does calculation and John Bolton calculated the worst thing he could possibly do to Donald Trump. Today is say I am prepared to testify and John Bolton and did that no one has dreamed of war with Iran and regime change in Iran more fervently John Bolton and the reward the the John Bolton gave the present today who has brought us closer to that war than any previous president was the announcement. I am prepared to testify testify in the impeachment trial of that president. Does that mean now. That war with Iran is simmering. John Bolton wants the steady steady your hand of Mike Pence at the controls John Bolton doesn't want a rerun of the time when president trump called off an attack on Iran ten minutes before scheduled. It'll take place. John Bolton doesn't WanNa President tweeting that he will commit war crimes by bombing non military sites in Iran including cultural sites. John Bolton wants war with with Iran done right. If it's going to be done he wants it. Done Pompeo and pence style and the Obama White House. Susan Rice was the president's National National Security Adviser the same job John Bolton hat and the trump White House and op ed piece for the New York Times. She writes Donald. Trump's action against around quote now locks our two countries in dangerous escalatory cycle but will likely lead to wider warfare. Americans are not safer. American citizens are at greater risk of attack across a far wider battlefield than before. It's hard to envision how this ends ends short of war leading off our discussion tonight. Is Susan Rice. Who served as President Obama's national security advisor after serving as President Alabama's ambassador to the United Nations? She used the author of tough love. My story of things worth fighting for Susan Rice. Thank you very much for joining us. Really appreciate it it I want to go first of all to this tweet. That the president put out where he basically said basically committed the United States committing war-crimes attacking cultural sites saying there are fifty two targets and that number was chosen simply for symbolic purposes Not necessarily military tactical purposes of your in. Mike Pompeo now trying to walk that back and say we won't do that. Administration officials saying. We won't do that. The commander in chief has said we will well Lawrence. It's very disconcerting to say the least when the president of the United States is publicly and recklessly threatening to commit war crimes and I should hope that saying our heads would prevail that in in the State Department certainly in the Defense Department that they understand what the laws of war are what our domestic law also requires and and would refuse to execute an order that was in stark violation of international and domestic law. War So I'm mm is hard as it is to swallow some of the the rank craziness that comes out of the president's twitter feed their. At least I think it would be a very difficult thing for the president to execute assuming that the leadership that that is even now in the Pentagon has its its own. Say What would you be looking for. I know the OP ed piece. You wrote is not autumn optimistic one But if you were looking for signs of that. The trump administration is capable of steering away from war. Here her. What would you need to see them do? Well I think. In the first instance we would need actually to see efforts by the administration ministration to de-escalate you had mike pompeo blanket. The Sunday shows and claim that this was all about deescalation. And you had the president earlier. You're saying this was about stopping the war. And in the same moment the president you know issues as extraordinary threat to retaliate against fifty two sites including cultural sites. He's now threatened Iraq with sanctions which is even more mind. Boggling in some ways because the Iraqis are threatening to throw the United States out of Iraqi territory and so frankly eh you know. It's very hard to understand what to expect out of this This crew I want to go to the announcement that Iran made aide about the nuclear deal. What they're what they now intend to do in that arena? It seems a little more complicated than is generally being recorded. I want to read the the near the Washington Post text on this says Iran announced over the weekend that it would no longer respect limits set. On how many centrifuges it can use to enrich uranium Iranian. Foreign Minister said the move was a remedial step but taken within the framework of the nuclear deal and he said that it could and be reversed I heard of commenters on the BBC Today. Also being more optimistic British observers more. We're optimistic about the possibility of salvaging the deal of especially for example if a new president is inaugurated a year from now. Well I'm not L.. optimimistic I think this really might have been the the last blow to the Iran nuclear deal but it was an interestingly crafted statement on the part of the Iranians Arabians. It said they would no longer be constrained by any of the restrictions that they adhered to in the context of the nuclear program and that can be interpreted win and then a number of ways and they said that would sanctions be removed and the United States come back into compliance that they would be prepared themselves to come back into compliance so that could be construed as a potential off ramp but given everything else. That's going on given president. Trump's extraordinary INARI disdain for the nuclear deal given the crippling sanctions that have been imposed in now this latest escalation by killing Sulamani. It's it's hard hard to see how that happens in the near term of course is very hard to in this world. Is You know to have any prediction about where we'll be a year from now and so I'm not I'm not gonNA jump off that cliff of the New York Times kind of backstage reporting at the White House indicates that the options that were given the president in this case case included the options of killing the general only to make the other options. Look better and look more reasonable. Did you present options is to President Obama that way and include one that you firmly believed should not be an option but did it just to steer him in another direction no lawrence. I didn't and I don't believe the Pentagon did you know.

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