Pence to focus on US Iran policy in speech


The increasingly intriguing question of what did the vice president know. And when did he we know it. Yes the vice president. In the midst of this very high stakes increasingly scary escalation between N- The US government and the nation of Iran were millions of people filled the streets today for the funeral of Qassem Soleimani was essentially seen as the second ranking official in that country. Second most powerful position in that country at least Soleimani was killed in the US air strike last week today. The trump administration announced. What's that they will soon have a public explanation for? What exactly they're doing? And what exactly they're thinking when it comes to Iran but the whole idea. is in terms of explaining their actions and their strategy toward Iran in the wake of this targeted killing now. This explanation from the trump administration as to what their strategy is for Iran. This explanation from the administration is not gonNA come for another week or so and it will not be president trump who gives the country this explanation the critical matter of the utmost and deadliest urgency. They'RE GONNA put off this explanation about what's going on between the US and Iran until next week and it's going to be vice president Mike Pence who gives the speech that is supposed to lay out. US policy toward Iran. And what exactly is going on. And what the strategic not gic thinking was behind this killing of this incredibly revered figure inside Iran why they think the country should wait a a week to get that explanation why it should be vice president. Mike Pence who gives that explanation to US rather than the president himself that remains to be seen. But if the the idea is that there might be less impeachment baggage trailing around after Vice President Mike Pence than there is after president trump and therefore maybe vice president pence might have of a sort of cleaner shot at this issue in the public's mind well maybe that's not true. The question of Vice President Mike Pence is Owned implication in the impeachment scandal is both unresolved and that was sort of back on the front burner. It has been nineteen days since the House voted to impeach president trump for trying to get Ukraine to help him out against Joe Biden for the two thousand twenty election. He wanted announcement from Ukraine that they had Biden under investigation. Impeachment inquiry also found that president trump pressured Ukraine to do that to make that announcement about those investigations by making contingent tinge on the announcement of those investigations. A whole bunch of things that Ukraine wanted including a White House visit for their new president. The impeachment inquiry also found that president trump held up military aid to Ukraine for months while he pressured them to do this domestic political favor for him. I honestly can't believe it's only been one thousand nine days Since the house impeach trump doesn't feel like it's been nineteen months it's been nineteen days and in that brief period in the less than three weeks weeks it has been since he got impeached. We've continued to get new evidence and new information about the scheme for which the president was impeached including a reported communication from the Office of Management and Budget in the White House to a Pentagon official in which the White House official assured. Dod It was president trump personally who was insisting on holding up Ukraine's military aid and a communication reported by Cape Brennan Adjust Security. That ownby official tells tells the Defense Department quote Clear Direction from Portis inning president of the United States to hold the Ukraine aid since the the House vote to impeach president trump. We've also seen new evidence in new documentation of this intense conflict and intense concern within the administration shen that president trump ordering a hold on that military aid to Ukraine was in fact illegal. So here for example is that same defense official who just assured by the the White House that the money was being withheld on direct orders from the president. Here's that same defense official writing thereafter to the office of the Secretary of Defense to the Defense Secretary's chief of staff she says quote do you believe dod is adequately protected from what may happen as the result of the Ukraine obligation. Pause as in. We all know this is illegal. Are we prepared for what's going to happen to us at the Defense Department here if we do this illegal thing that has been directly ordered by the president. So here's what's fascinating in response to that email which was sent from somebody in the Pentagon controller's office to the Defense Secretary's chief of staff are we adequately protected from what may happen as as a result of this right in response to that email to the defense secretary's chief of staff the Defense Secretary's Chief of staff writes back and he says this quote Ukrainian. PM speaks with the vice. President of the United States. Veep Otis on Tuesday. We expect the issue to get resolved that. Why do you expect the issue to be resolved that in fact the Tuesday following that email September first vice president and Mike Pence did meet with the leader of Ukraine? They met in Europe. They met in Warsaw. That's where we got this incredible footage of that room and who was there were you can see all of these people in that room whose careers have blown up and whose lives have changed a lot as a result the result of this scandal. You can see them all in the same shot. I mean in that meeting on the American side of the room. There's Energy Secretary Rick. Perry who of course suddenly submitted his resignation right right as the scandal broke open right next to him is national security adviser John Bolton who also suddenly submitted his resignation right as the scandal broke open right right next to the same row. There's ambassador Gordon Sunland. Who became a star witness in the impeachment inquiry testifying under oath that? Oh yes there was a quid pro quo and it was ordered by President trump. Just behind him in the second row there's Jennifer Williams who was the top Ukraine adviser to Vice President Pence who also became a star impeachment inquiry witness also in that same row. Tim Morrison the top Russia expert on the National Security Council who then himself suddenly announced his resignation on the eve of him also becoming an impeachment inquiry witness and next to him back there in the corner national security official named Earl Matthews who also so work on Ukraine issues who also suddenly left his post as this scandal broke open. I mean who's left within a few weeks of this meeting. In some cases within a few days of this meeting like everybody in that room had their life changed and or their career ended and and now we know from these internal administration documents and communications. That have been revealed in the one thousand nine days since the impeachment vote. We now know that after weeks. Six of freak out inside the administration over president trump holding up this military aid after president trump asking questions about that military aid after him directing the holdup up of the aid after him being advised by everybody in the national security apparatus that he himself appointed that he had to let go with hold on the military aid but he still refused to do so after all of the explicit arguments. We know that happened within the administration that to hold up that aid much longer would constitute a criminal act. We now know. I know that after all those weeks and months of consternation and conflict and concern and CYA inside the administration. We know right before vice president pence went and took this meeting at the highest levels of the Defense Department. The chief of staff to the Secretary of Defense was reassuring other officials inside the Pentagon. Oh don't worry. This is going to be over soon when Mike Pence takes that meeting was the Linski on Tuesday. It's all GonNa get sorted. Why do they think it was all going to get sorted? President trump was just impeached for demanding that Ukraine give him investigations into Joe Biden. That would help two minutes twenty twenty reelection effort and conveying to Ukraine. That they wouldn't get there. No much needed military aid until they made that commitment to do those investigations. So you won't get the military aid unless you agree to do those investigations announce publicly. You're doing those investigations are. You're never gonna see that military aid. We now know that in the defense secretaries office. They thought that that would all click into place as soon as this meeting between Mike Prints and the Ukrainian president took place so it was Mike Pence who was supposed to personally get the assurance from the Ukrainian government at that meeting that they were going to announce the investigations. Because that was the deal right. That's what everybody was waiting. They can't get the military aid until they announced the investigations. Don't worry they'll be able to get the military aid as soon as Mike Pence has that meeting. And that's what they were waiting on right at least according to the chief of staff to the Secretary of defense man man. Whose name is Eric Tuning? He put it in writing. Don't worry this will. All End. Wants Mike Pence takes that meeting. So says Eric Tuning Defense Secretaries Chief of Staff Eric. Tuning the defense secretary staff has just suddenly resigned his job his resignation announced today on the same day that former national security adviser John Bolton again is right there in the room for that meeting and again resigned suddenly without much explanation right right in the middle of the scandal right. As the Ukraine aid was finally being released and the whistleblower complaint was finally being processed and heading toward Congress John Bolton today released a statement saying if he is subpoenaed in the impeachment trial of president trump. He will appear and testify all the Senate is now back in accession. We don't yet know how the Senate is going to proceed with the impeachment trial for President Trump but obviously John Bolton's declaration that he will testify if summoned. He will will testify at the president's impeachment trial in the Senate if they send him a subpoena obviously raises the stakes on the Republican efforts in the Senate to try to a whole the impeachment trial without hearing from any witnesses

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