From Shy Girl to Confidence Coach


Can you tell us a little bit more about yourself and about your story and how you went from being being a quote shy person to confidence coach. Yeah for sure And you know I'll take like three full days to tell you the whole story but so I am currently confidence and empowerment coach. So I work with women who really struggle with the shyness and insecurity and we work together to to help build that self confidence that level of self love and that spiritual lightning because I really believe that that is an integral part of building your self confidence. This is kind of learning to know yourself in that facet. So that's what I do. I'm also a wife and Mama. I've got a two year old daughter named avery. And she is just a firecracker absolute light of my life and so so much what. I'm learning and teaching my clients. I'm also trying to instill in her everyday. So she grows up to be a confident woman who loves herself so it's just a little bit about me on top of that I also podcast. I am may artsy kind of design freak. I've got an se shop where I create great journaling tools and workbooks and things along those lines from a creative outlet so it's a little bit of like Jane of all trades but that's that's an overview of kind of who I am and what I'm doing now I'm but in terms of my own journey I grip a really shy kid. I say say painfully shy because I just felt so uncomfortable in my own skin and I mean I would be afraid to order food at a restaurant restaurant or ask somebody what time it was because I was so terrified of getting some sort of a negative reaction from people and that that transpired very much into junior high and high school where it's a tough time for most girls that age and I just really struggled with knowing knowing my own worth and feeling like I was of any worth or value to my friendships and that kind of transpired into adult relationships and also me being able to speak up or not speak up. I guess it would say in the workplace so a really battled in struggled many different levels of insecurity especially around like authority figures. So that's something we could even dive into but there came a point in my in my journey I had just been broken up within cheated on by boyfriend of three years and kind of forced my hand to really take a look at who I wanted to be wary. Wanted my life to go and it was Truthfully one of the best things to ever ever happened happened Mu despite it being such shitty time but it was It was the kickstart of a fitness journey. A spiritual spiritual journey and a personal development journey. That has just gone into the most beautiful whirlwind of of this just. I don't even explain Lina. This explosion of growth over the last eight years now and so over time. I've learned a lot about myself a lot about who I WANNA be. And I've gained a significant amount of tools and practice in terms of of stepping into this person. I am today today and it's just I feel like it's just beginning awesome. Yeah I discovered you through my friend Kelly and she told me about one of your webinars that I attended with with her And it was just so cool because I really resonate with your story like being a shy person. I think I've kind of overcome that in the last couple of years a little bit. It definitely not as shy as I used to be but I really liked the workshop that you did online and could you tell us a little bit more about that in the other ways you work with with clients. Yeah absolutely I believe the one that you you had done with me was Basically how to speak with confidence. So how show up in front of a room or in front of a crowd or in a presentation and really feel prepared and confident in yourself or even stepping on Oppressing live going live on social media on videos youtube even doing things like podcasters so common nowadays for so many people especially young young entrepreneurs and I've come across a tons of people who are so terrified to do things like that and I've I've one thousand percent Ben there and so I have in my past job as a personal trainer working in the fitness industry. I'm somewhat still affiliated with it but I would have to often present in front of my peers and my bosses and even the CEO of May company every once in a while. And I felt like like every time I had to do that. I was going to Shit my pants. I was so nervous like sick to my stomach over it but I learned a lot of tools over time. I and I did a lot of things to help. Prepare myself for those so that I would show up. I would give it a hundred and ten percent and honestly crush it every single time. So that's another thing that I help people with How how Excuse me how to have hard conversations how to have hard conversations uncertain as a because. That's another thing that a lot of people struggle with is really how to convey how they're are feeling when the stakes are high. Had A have you can call it a fierce conversation a tough conversation. Crucial conversations conversation. I've learned how to approach really touchy subjects with people and be able to communicate what you're feeling why you're feeling it what you hope to get out of the solution and not feel like you're going to either Krummel in the middle of that conversation or avoid it altogether because you're worried about what the other person is thinking and I think everybody can identify with having that problem at some point in their life because it's scary it's scary to to have these tough conversations when the stakes are higher when they're some maybe a lot of risks so I mean that's come from having to have tough conversations in my own relationships ships from working with clients in the fitness industry talking to them about the the real the realism of them reaching certain goals and not taking taking the appropriate actions. And that's also come from me being in higher level management in having to either terminate people or tell somebody what they need need to do in order to continue to work with us on the team so again a lot of it is coming from personal practice and of course you know tools that I've picked APP from my own mentors and other resources like you know coaching courses in Buxton podcast and all that stuff. Wow and so what do you find that. It's tools tools that help people gain that confidence or do you feel like it's just putting small things into practice over time I think it's actually more mindset Sir than anything but I think having tools in your back pocket is a comfort. It's a comforting thing it helps you feel like okay. That's that's kind of what I needed in order to feel prepared in Infield confident and I think that those are kind of like training wheels if that makes any sense like doing the things that talk about. Let's say in preparation for a speaking engagement. there's a lot of little steps that you can do but over the time I think if you can just sit down for two minutes before you go onstage and breath intention and set your intention for how you want it to go you will be just as successful in. You can feel justice confidence so I think it's more mindset and your ability to trust yourself but using those tools tools for a period of time as they as they become more natural I think that helps you cultivate that trust in yourself.

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