The Entertainment of 2019: Year in Review


It interesting year for of the world of entertainment and in terms of the movie screen to get to this explosion of Netflix and all these other different platforms you don't have to go to the big movie theater unless you want the full immersive experience and I always suggest you also get some cookies because as the time of the year but just I think the wives with you enjoy the experience but but I know some of the things the fact you have this posted on your website James person dot com is the ruling over a declining box office because here we have all this if you know the big money is made international especially China will than that with the whole trade the issues going back and forth the editing of certain films so what's going on here is this eventually the demise of the traditional box office expectations in the traditional theaters another been saying that for years with new technology well it it's being yeah it's shrinking kind of traditional movie other than the big franchise brand box office because even though the box office has gone down for the fifth time this decade it's down a record number and the executives and the Hollywood met and many of them I work with they are living in a kind of a denial world I I they know that if these two technological things are you spoke about the fact that you can have a very powerful home theater experience now you know with everybody has a big screen high definition television you're bringing some robots was a I they could pretend like they're part of the crowd you know they can make noise going on cell phones whatever you like yeah but usually because Disney bought Lucasfilm and marble and they have all the biggest intellectual property ownership concept movies they took eighty percent of the top ten so the top ten films of the year eight out of the ten from Disney that's a record Disney also took in ten billion dollars worldwide in their film box office which is also a record but at the same time the box office is down the number of people go to the movies is down and I think it's not just because of the technology I think it's because of the contact and I think what it is is that there's these old concepts things like story characters people long for in his words of Martin Scorsese got highly criticized for speaking out against Marvel superhero movies but there there are more of like a thrill ride in many cases than they are white the kind of story telling that Hollywood became famous for and so because of that you know like the number one movie by actually number one movie of the year and of all time is the ventures and gag which is always the classic not that it's it's a bad movie I mean it's an entertaining movie buddy it's it's all action special effects sci fi superhero fantasy type thing and the others get in the top ten there's captain Marvel there's spider man far from home with the Star Wars the latest Star Wars wars installment the risers creek sky worker these are all from the same bill during it yet all marble or Lucasfilm in there these kinds of movies many of course you have sequels like Toy Story four and frozen was it the golden read books and we're gonna get more and more is that all is well yeah but some of that you get to the new generations and its radio Disney used to do as a by the way for the tuning in talking James person Jim person dot com is my second house over a pop culture among other things but you know Disney had a formula for years back to real DHS and everything else stay AT and into the theaters before that alone every seven years or so they would release like Snow White or something and then they'd go back into the vault and the they keep capturing new generations was masterful now one of the big deals this year's Disney plus the debt is just phenomenal with with what's there you don't really need a lot of other things but it's it's it's all available now so that's another example of how quickly the staff changes your inner exactly what you're talking about by the way for new generations of a new iteration was the remake it with live action The Lion King which was the number two movie any captured a whole new generation of of movie that had captured a previous generation so yeah Disney has the intellectual property so that when they launch their streaming service Disney plus they did something that a lot of people in Hollywood one really freaked out about and then they had a a movie starring Anna Kendrick cold no well it was never released in any it went direct to streaming we haven't even heard that concept direct just dreaming twenty one Disney does it then the people in the industry say oh my gosh this is a trend in the Irish men bad movie that's generating all the on her because of her the foreman should Martin Scorsese unfortunately it has that crazy man Robert De Niro at that but he's consistent and you got a treatment because his movie the molar report on ice the musical didn't do well this year so what is so loved that concept I really do I really do and I I would have given them the Laurie yeah I would go see that if Robert Muller was ice skating I would go see it for sure but but this one it went there was a lady and the tramp remake Disney which and that way director strict streaming I was mentioning the Irishman and there's another movie called marriage is story these are both Oscar bait movies after only one month they went streaming so there could be a new trend in that's good that caters to people that create their own entertainment peered at home and but the only thing is I mean I anecdotally I mean I have friends an average six myself I remember you know we were when we just had cable and all of a sudden we had out hundreds of cable channels and sitting there and I couldn't find anything to watch on cable channel and now people experience that they say oh I'm going through the cable channels I'm going through Netflix I don't see anything I want to watch so I'm gonna watch it's a wonderful life for the eighteen hi so that means there's a vacuum out there for I guess what we would call traditional entertainment and maybe family friendly which is by the way in the end that's where Hollywood makes most of its money because all the top ten films are pretty much the you know there there's no all over you friendly films at the most there's a P. G. thirteen type superhero films that have some action scenes chill Hollywood makes its money with family friendly films and then they attack families with the awards speaking of

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