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Senate impeachment trial is set to begin I man Kerik fox news legal briefs submitted by both Democrats and Republicans for the trial fox's Garrett Tenney the house impeachment managers laid out their opening arguments in a hundred eleven page briefing Saturday arguing that president trump uses official powers to pressure you craned interfere in the U. S. selection for his personal political game and then tried to cover it up by obstructing congress' investigation the Democrats wrote president trump's conduct is the framers worst nightmare the evidence overwhelmingly establishes that he is guilty president trump's legal team firing back in a formal response saying this is an attempt to overturn the twenty sixteen election and interfere with the twenty twenty election again sing the articles of impeachment are invalid the president travels to Texas today to address a gathering of farmers following developments on international trade president trump will be in Austin Texas today to address the American farm bureau federation's annual convention it's a gathering of agribusiness leaders and farm and ranch owner operators many with the door to business route in the midst of the trade disputes with China this year it comes as the White House in China signed a deal for a new trading relationship one that will see China by more American crops as well as the passing of the new US Mexico and Canada agreement a replacement for nafta which the president contends impaired American businesses have been brown fox news in a rare move Venezuela opposition leader one quite Joe reportedly travel to Columbia to participate in a regional counterterrorism meeting alongside US secretary of state Mike Pompeii two people close to the Colombian government say it's only the second time quite has defined a travel ban by leaving Venezuela the ban imposed on him by the pro government High Court from Bogota quite reportedly plans to travel to other countries including the United States and Europe America is listening to fox news here's Brian heating and cooling forecast from the fox six weather experts a cold January day ahead hi Jim sitting in the upper teens with wind chills in the single digits all day long fortunately we do give warmer bites a model see high temps in the twenties and then by the end of this week will be in the upper thirties fox six meteorologist Eric Mangus this report is sponsored by.

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