Personal Growth: The Right - And Wrong - Way To Share it With Others


In life you love and this is Q.. And A. Tuesday and today's question comes from a lovely lady lady named Tammy and she writes. Hey Marie thank you for doing what you do. I am grateful for your Cuny. Tuesday's here is my cue. I find myself growing by leaps and and bounds but it seems that I have the urge to share it with everyone around me. I seem to feel as if everyone should listen to me and learn with me. This is not always appreciate appreciate it and it seems to be alienating some people so my question is how do I resist the urge to make everyone around me. See the light well. WHOA WHOA WHOA hold on? Tammy you want to help. Everybody See the light. Have you never seen poltergeist girl. The light is bad. They don't go into the TAMMY. Tammy Tammy this is an awesome question. I've certainly experienced this firsthand when you first start learning about personal development and all these cool philosophies he's of course you want to share with everybody you know. Hey Papas Murph. Did you know that if you were more in the moment your whole life would transform grouchy. She you're using your grouchiness to hide your brilliance. I really think you're dialing upset. SMER fat you really need to claim your feminine in in power and really own your divine goddess. But as you're seeing this approach doesn't always go over so well I mean think about it. You're trying to push self-help help on people and it may actually take them off because essentially what you're saying is they don't know how to do their life. They're pretty screwed up and they need you to come help him out. Essentially they're they're going to say to themselves. who asked you? So here's what you need to do. Don't talk about it. Be about it as the saying goes and this is a pretty good tweet. -able others will follow your footsteps easier than they will your advice. What that means is being example of what you're learning really embodied the ideas and the principles you want to be a living demonstration of all the good stuff? You WanNa be a role model. You don't WanNa preach what you'll find. Is that people in your life are really going to take notice. And they're going to ask you. What's your secret? Or if they're really into it they'll say yes. Yeah I'll have what she's having and that becomes the perfect opportunity to share and see if they want to learn more next you

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