Giuliani associate Parnas willing to testify in impeachment proceedings


As associated of the president's lawyer Rudy. Giuliani is now directly implicating. Mr Trump in the Ukraine crane scandal. Our chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta. Joining US Jim Tonight. The president is team they are responding. That's right wolf and despite a growing number of photos and even video showing the two men together. President trump kept repeating himself over and over the dozen know Rudy. Giuliani associate left. The White House is attacking. Parner saying he cannot be trusted in the Oval Office. The president suggested party who has been indicted is simply trying to cut her better deal for himself in response to the president's comments an attorney for par just a short while ago tweeted out a video of his client with Mr Trump you over with the administration's alleged dirt for dollar scheme heading to trial in the Senate. The president is Sounding angry and firing back at left Parnis who is pointing the finger at Mr Trump in Ukraine. Scandal this president. What is your response to live partners? Who says your efforts? It's in Ukraine. Were all about twenty twenty. I don't know parse other than I guess they had pictures taken which do thousands of people that know nothing about him. He's trying they probably make a deal for president insisted. He's only posed for photos with the indicted associated. Rudy Giuliani. And nothing more. Mr Trump did not respond to parnassus claim that multiple officials in the administration knew about the alleged pressure campaign for information on Joe Biden telling CNN at one point to be quiet so when he says Mulvaney knew about the bold new about this quiet you just have to take a look at the pictures you just have to take a look at the polls. You see anybody's help. I don't need the help of a demand that I never met before I welcome him to say that even more every time. He says they'll show them another picture. He's lying he's lying in an interview with C. N. N.'s Anderson Kupa partners is offering to do more than just produce more photos standing with the president saying he's willing to testify on Capitol Hill. How you personally viewed it? This is about twenty twenty to help him get the next four years those away. Everybody viewed that I mean there was that was the most important thing for him to stay out for another four years and keep the fight going. I mean there was no other reason for doing it. President also maintained. He didn't know anything about a letter written by his personal attorney. Rudy Giuliani to the leader of Ukraine requesting. The meeting a letter that claim to have Mr Trump's consent I didn't know about a specific ladder. But if he wrote a letter wouldn't have been a big deal house speaker. Nancy Pelosi blasted Republicans. Who are resisting assistant? Calls from. Democrats to hear from witnesses like parties and former National Security Adviser John Bolton during Mr Trump's trial in the Senate fair afraid of the truth. They don't WanNa see documents connect. They don't want to hear from eye-witnesses President's defenders say parnes doesn't deserve the attention he's getting. This man lacks credibility one more piece of damaging information surfaced purpose as the federal watchdog. The Government Accountability Office found. The White House broke the law. In Withholding Aid Ukraine saying a statement faithful execution of the law does not permit. The the president is substitute is on policy priorities for those that Congress has enacted into law. And I've been here since the time of president four so I have never ever seen a report like this objective so strongly the actions of a president now. We also attempted to ask about former Ukrainian ambassador. Maria Vich and whether there was an effort to intimidate or or conduct surveillance on her but the president did not respond to those questions as age shouted at us to leave the Oval Office. At the moment. The President says he is still heading to the Global Economic Forum. Malvo's next week a trip that would take him far away from the impeachment trial that will be unfolding next week in the Senate at least temporarily president guests that the trial would go very quickly but as the White House snows and the president knows all too. Well there's no guarantee of that

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