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Get into some of the gambling angles for the NFC


Some of the gambling angles for the NFC title game as well as the Superbowl which is soon to have the Kansas City Chiefs barring some cataclysmic collapse here which would have to involve an onside kick the Kansas City Chiefs are gonna be the AFC title of the A. C. representatives in the in the Superbowl they're gonna win the AFC title the only ones that are really sitting on pins and needles right now with this game are gamblers because the spread is seven and a half in the Tennessee Titans have a chance to go down and Hey any either crushed the hopes and dreams of summer make the hopes and dreams of others but the big takeaway to me again pouring Tennessee doing something crazy here in the last two minutes of this game is that Kansas city is the best football team on the planet right now they are the chalk they are the team that is a bit bit either these NFC participants are gonna be underdogs to the Kansas City Chiefs in the Superbowl and I give the Tennessee Titans some credit unlike the Houston Texans last week the Tennessee Titans they actually punched back in this game they landed the first blows the Kansas City Chiefs then came back scored a touchdown what are the Tennessee Titans soup actually responded with a touchdown which is something the Houston Texans could not do last week for at least six straight possessions for seven straight I'm sorry they scored seven straight touchdowns in that game soul of forty one unanswered seven straight touchdowns and at least Tennessee I will give them credit punched back in this game as far as these two these two teams go here's the thing about Kansas city when you play the Kansas City Chiefs it's like a game of tennis in the ball goes back and forth and eventually somebody breaks serve and if Kansas city breaks serve on you if they stop you then the way they're playing offense right now the game is pretty much curtains in the Tennessee Titans found that out today with the Texans found out the hard way last week because they built that twenty four nothing lead last week through a bunch of Gezi stuff you know fumbles on punt returns and blocked punts into a bunch of things that aren't sustainable for sixty minutes of football let alone the fifteen or twenty that all took place in last week the Titans were actually playing real football with the chiefs they were running the football they were moving the football but

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Get into some of the gambling angles for the NFC

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