Biggest US Beverage Companies Start Recycling Initiative In North Texas



Near way well the DFW region has been selected for a multi million dollar investment focusing on boosting recycling opportunities to North Texas families and we're the first region selected under the initiative and Josh will baka senior vice president of the American beverage association joins us on the care of the news live to tell us about it what is this that we bottle back initiative everybody back in addition if that was watch last October the goal of the initiative is to reduce the use of new plastic that our beverage companies are needed to bring beverage containers to bark at and the goal is to do so is to increase the collection of of our plastic bottles people don't know this R. bottles are one hundred percent recyclable very handily base to be remade by people use and what we're capturing in collecting more of the bottles we made world to their the using flash new plastic so what are the details in today's announcement part of that announcer is without a fond of four hundred million dollars that is being worked on in conjunction with the recycling partnership close with partners and the world wildlife fund some of the leading the global a billion of our mental leaders thank you can you know work with and the goal is to fight regions of the country that are either the approach but on recycling access to education and infrastructure and today we announced that part of that investment the Dallas fort worth metroplex was the first region selected for those it but when you look at that in places like say Seattle or Portland or even parts of the northeast there might be more of social pressure and awareness to recycle do you feel like we're lacking in that area here that we really could use more education I mean look I think there's definitely an opportunity to approve a regional recycling and you know what we think about it consumers need to have confidence that when they put something the recycle bin cycle how are they also need to know what needs to go in the recycle bin what does it show part of the investment that that we're making center around three or four components one is working with the city of war working with the Dallas metroplex area working with the North Texas council of governments to educate residents voted single family homes and multifamily homes about what to recycle and how to recycle world to working to expand recycling access the places are throughout the Dallas metroplex area multi family housing who don't have access to recycling and speak and then the third component of that is actually investing in the infrastructure to process the recycled bottles add to a facility that processes the plastic bottle so that they could be made into your bottles and so we think about it all kind of goes together the initiative is being supported by America's leading beverage companies like coca Cola Pepsi and you're

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