EU, Canada And Mexico Threaten Tariffs To Retaliate Against US

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Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Shay Stevens. Mexico is threatening its own terrorists in response to new US duties on imported steel and aluminum as NPR's. Carrie Kahn reports. Mexico's economy minister fired off a list of American goods to be taxed in retaliation. Just minutes after the us announcement, the list is long. There are US pork products, apples grapes, cranberries cheeses, as well as finished steel products. Mexico's economy minister says the Trump administration's justification for the tariff is improper and will damage strategic sectors in North America's integrated industries, including automotive, aerospace, in electron IX Mexico. The US and Canada are currently renegotiating the North American Free trade agreement president Enrica recap. And in yet dough and Canada's, Prime Minister. Justin Trudeau spoke the Afon pledging to continue the NAFTA talks and working together to defend international free trade. Based on rules. Carrie Kahn, NPR news, Mexico City, north and South Korea are holding senior level peace talks in a border village. They're focusing on reducing tensions on the peninsula and ending the North's nuclear weapons program. The meeting comes after two days of talks between US Secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, and senior North Korean voi-, Kim, Yong chill in New York, Pompeo and Kim discussed a potential summit between President Donald Trump and North Korean leader, Kim Jong UN Trump cancelled a plan th summit in Singapore says the meetings still could happen. The diocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis has agreed to a two hundred and ten million dollars settlement with clergy. Sex abuse victims, Mets, epoch of Minnesota public radio reports that the settlement is one of the largest bankruptcy payouts by US Roman Catholic diocese. The archdiocese has filed for bankruptcy in two thousand fifteen. After the Minnesota legislature temporarily extended the statute of limitations for sex abuse suits the two hundred ten. We'll be split among four hundred fifty survivors including Jim Keenan who helped negotiate the deal after victims rejected an earlier offer. Never plan that exited. Pissed off Irishman and some other guys would say, you know what? We don't like their plan. We're gonna write another. It hadn't been done before. They have to listen to victims now wants a federal bankruptcy. Judge signs off the archdiocese, pandits parishes will pay about forty million dollars. The rest will come from insurers for NPR news. I'm Matt Sepik in Minneapolis, fourteen year old, Dallas area, eighth grader, car thick nemani is this year's champion of the Scripps national spelling bee as heard here, courtesy of ESPN nemani correctly spelled coin Aena Greek word for communion coin. Aena k. o I n o n I a that is correct. Numani bested a field of more than five hundred contestants to win the two thousand eighteen spelling bee title. You're listening to NPR news. Google self driving spinoff Waymo plans to launch in Arizona this year with up to sixty two thousand Chrysler Pacifica hybrid minivans. That's under a deal announced on Thursday. The technology will be deployed in a ride hailing service in the Phoenix area before the end of the year, and then expanded to other US markets Waymo plans to pick up people in cars that will not have a human in the driver seat, making it the first ride hailing service with the fleet of fully autonomous vehicles. The founder of Pittsburgh's innovative art museum. The mattress factory has died barber. Morales skiing was a champion for what's known as installation. Art NPR's. Bob Mondello has more. The mattress factory was an empty warehouse when Luder hausky bought it in nineteen seventy seven, installing a food co-op, partly so she wouldn't have to leave bored with what she called pedestal Archie devoted the institution to the notion of site specific installations where artists respond to the space. There. Even and visitors get to inhabit art, not just look at it to keep that notion close. She lived atop the building site specific works, filling the four floors below being even a peripheral part of the actual process. You know. So the thinking process and the flexibility and the problem solving and all of those things which to me are so important in terms of what art does mattress factory founder, Barbara Luder hausky was Eighty-eight. Bob Mondello NPR news on stock market shares are mixed higher in Tokyo. Following a down day on Wall Street, blue chips, plunged two hundred fifty. One points the NASDAQ lost twenty. I'm Shay Stevens NPR news in Washington.

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