Intellivision plans a revival with a new game console


It seems that i had called coming everywhere but switch because this is a game you know will not this one but the last sonic racing game right was on vitas well and all that also racing transform i was really excited but it's also a little about is it's just sonic characters gracing and the other one i'd allstar so that was like say gall stars or something i liked i enjoyed that yeah we'll see i never played the last one so i do like a good the last one and i didn't love the way you asking me a sonic raciness coming to switch the question yes it is fuck ya okay ps for xbox one switch and pc this winter according to end gadget cool perfect because this is the type of game that i wanna play just randomly on a plane for the rest of the for a whole ship away like do a couple races and go back mario party i still go back to you grinding on it yeah a long time i'm familiar with these tracks and we got the opportunity to see it up close and personal but we can't have questions until next week still very much embargo i'm not gonna say anything business number seven you're on the rope report guess what's coming back everybody the in television for some fucking reason they're gonna make a new concept pettis like super stoked of course he is i'm gonna read from their press release i before andrea put some stuff from dean over adventure be on television entertainment is produ announced that it will bring the concept of simple affordable family in fun back into homes across the world miss those things go world with the introduction of a brand new video game console the television system named we'll carry on the company tradition of i with its new concept design and approach to gaming that's pretty much where the information about the council on video games live creator in thirty year video game industry veteran tommy taylor rico has been named president of in television entertainment as the company turns its focus on a rebranding in reimagining for the twenty first century while still paying homage to its legacy routes details on the new console be released on october first twenty eighteen then over adventure bt dean takahashi had these things tolerate co has relaunched the.

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