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PS4's Free PS Plus Games For June 2018 Announced


Zion reductions on xbox one bird cakes is on xbox works moonlighters on xbox one mostra letters getting update the latest title update including luna stra all monster will be available for free and just under twelve hours on may thirtieth at five pm pacific time so roughly five hours from now so assembly your squad and good luck new dates for you july tenth you can get insane robots on playstation four xbox one pc and mac under deals of the day playstation plus games for june playstation four is getting x com two trials fusion playstation three is getting zombie driver hd tom clancy's ghost recon future soldier and then playstation vita it lives is getting atomic ninjas and squares then right from may twenty seventh through june second so now times already running out you'll get a copy of state of decay tooth your xbox one x purchase and from june third june ninth you'll get a copy of red dead redemption with your xbox one x purchase good games good deals xbox one exits two and stuff up there just a little added value one on israel yes leave it or not forty eight minutes in the show it's time for reader mail right but forrest i'm gonna tell you we're brought to you by omaha steaks dot com fathers as right around the corner and dad's love meat how much did my dad love his omaha steak meat he liked it so much that now every holiday he sends me omaha steaks so i gotta send i gotta figure out maybe i'll send him in a television one next time around so my own television back omaha steaks delivers hand and flash frozen and vacuumsealed meets directly via the door in the omaha steaks cooler they got pork poultry view lambing and more almost stakes even gives you the option to customize the cuts for your dad's grilling needs fine recipes wine pairings etc right now stakes is giving limited time offer to my listeners for father's day at seventy percent off this is a really amazing do you go to stakes dot com type kf games in the search bar and you get this package it has to filet mignons to top sirloin four chicken fried steaks to moments workshops four.

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