Plastic cutlery, plates and straws could be banned in the EU


Bloomberg this is the bloomberg green business reports the european commission is proposing a total ban on some single use plastic products and measures to drastically cut the consumption of others in the latest push by the eu to reduce carbon emissions and marine litter threatening it sees the ban will apply to plastic cotton bugs cutlery plates straws drink stirs and sticks for balloons according to the just unveiled plan and is subject to approval by eu governments and the paean parliament member states will also be forced to reduce the use of plastic food containers and drink cups by prohibiting their free of charge distribution the measures come up as the eu seeks to seize leadership in creating sustainable goods a market that unilever estimates is worth the equivalent of two point nine trillion dollars who some plastic possibly taking a thousand years to decompose the eu proposes for companies to set up reuse systems such as deposit refund schemes to ensure a stable supply of high quality material that's the bloomberg green business report i'm bob moon business news travels the way you do the impact of this storm could show up in stocks sending prices higher get the app or listen online intel as part of this issue the bloomberg business capital one saver card presents the invention of the takeout container johny i've done it with this folded paper box we can now easily take out food from a restaurant it's genius so what do you fancy for supper.

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