Brigitte Nielsen Is Pregnant With Fifth Child -- See Her Baby Bump


This is a name that i have not heard since the ninety and i'll tell you how i feel brigitte nielsen she was best known for that movie red sonja and she was awesome beverly hills cop two she large big woman but i'm not a full bodybuilder she she could kill you like she she could snap you in half i i remember best from her relationship with flavor flav that's exactly what i was going to say that's how i best know them when they were on vh1's real life was i guarantee you did not watch the surreal and strange strangelove was she was on the i remember the surreal life at remember strangelove but i i i actually watched that i'm willing to bet you did not but i i that's how i saw her so i yeah so so that's where that's where i remember her who's that guy in his clocks so anyway on wednesday she shared a picture of herself cradling her very pregnant belly writing happy time positive is hashtag happiness has shed poverty positive vibes family getting larger hashtag me shake family hashtag bridge niece bridge brigitte nielsen has tagged baby bump she's fifty four years old and she's pregnant with her fifth child why fifty four years old who wants to be starting that stuff and fifty four years old man or woman why i don't a lot of people do no no because it makes a lot of men do because they're with their second family you know so men do but oh hell no i'm sure there's plenty of fifty four year old women who would view that as a blessing who thought they'll see it as a blessing be like i would do this again the presumption the presumption divorced while my time has run out that's the that's the presumption but it it hasn't apparently so i don't know i think there's plenty of people would be like wonderful i've loved this it's just i can't believe that happened this late in my life yeah i think the presumption at fifty four is you know what i.

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