You can't blame foreigners for high house prices


In hawaii more destruction from the killer way of all kaneohe civil defense authorities say there are now more than seventy homes that have been destroyed by the lava flow rental allen's home is among those i thought i had a chance because of the topography but i lasted three weeks into the eruption ellen's home was burned to the ground but he says he's one of the lucky ones because he has insurance what's left of tropical depression alberto moving into western tennessee the national hurricane center in its final advisory on the storm says rain in excessive four inches is still possible that means flash floods are also possible overnight from the carolinas to west virginia a notorious mexican drug lord do on a new york city courtroom today el chapo whose given name is joaquin guzman loretta is scheduled to stand trial on numerous federal charges that include operating a criminal enterprise conspiracy to commit murder and money laundering he's being held at a high security lockup in lower manhattan over the last few months preparations for his september trial have been the topic of court conversations the brooklyn judge presiding over the trial is asked for a larger jury pool up to one thousand people to choose twelve to hear the case that's election is slated to begin in july an attorney for el chapo was having him undergo evaluations ahead of the trial saying solitary confinement was affecting his mental state in new york grenell scott fox news a jury in las vegas has made a lawsuit against magician david copperfield to disappear ruling that a british tourist who claimed he was hurt during a copperfield show.

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