Family members react to study showing shocking death toll from Hurricane Maria


From npr news in washington i'm dave mattingly president trump is traveling to texas today npr's mara liasson says the president will be meeting with survivors of this month's deadly attack at santa fe high school along with family members of those shot to death he's unlikely to encounter calls for gun control in texas it's a pro gun rights state and most of the focus there has been hardening schools making them more secure against potential shooters the shooting at the high school left eight students and two teachers dead a seventeen year old student at the school is facing capital murder charges the president's trip to texas includes a speech at a republican fundraiser in houston the mayor of san juan says she's not surprised president trump has been silent about a study from harvard university researchers suggesting thousands of people in puerto rico were killed by hurricane maria not one tweet not one tweet from a man that tweets about the sunrise to say look people puerto rico we're sorry that's mayor carmen ulan cruise speaking yesterday the study published in the new england journal of medicine estimates maria directly or indirectly killed more than forty six hundred people in puerto rico that's more than seventy times higher than the official death toll i'm dave mattingly in washington i'm robin young as we head into the wedding season a wedding planner has some of the latest trends including influences from the royal wedding children instead of bridesmaids flowers since her bouquets since megan's was so small i've had a few calls about wanting to change their case and it was picked by prince harry apparently next time here and now here and now at eleven am later on this morning followed at noon by the takeaway turning a drug lords life into a tourist attraction so they go to the cemetery they go to jail for he was for one year they go to the house where he was killed what's the price of glorifying pablo escobar i'm tansy nevada and that's next time on the takeaway from wnyc and pri public radio international the takeaway at twelve noon and then just one chance to hear marketplace today and that will be at four o'clock because it's thursday so that means at six thirty this evening it's political breakdown she may be.

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