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Think. I need to work on some things because sometime I get, I get angry about a lot of stuff that's going on out here in a still she as going on where a study lock in this up, going away to key allowed a bad thing to have known a street and in what I've learned is well, I never hung around a bag group. So the the experience that. Really got from jail is just to come out and and trying to do some positive man to help some of the people that really don't belong in prison because prison's unnecessary. But I made a lot of guys that you know, have minor charges like a head on a lot of time. So the changes for me, man is the try to just the ino- change out system a little bit. Well, that's that's very noble of you. Benign. Let me ask you question now in reference to like you working yet or you still trying to adjust the life. I know you came out just what April April eight. Twelve, April, twelve. So you're fresh, you're still enjoying the zen, like experience of coming out and enjoying the the air, looking at the flowers and all that good stuff, right. Yeah, I'm I'm, I'm loving just being traffic looking at red lights. I don't. I don't think I ever took it for granted, but I appreciate it more. You know now that it was taken away from me for a sprays reason as it happened. But yeah, I a need to go on a died because no one has got all his crazy food. I'm about two hundred forty pounds nine when I was in there with about one aide. You know wasn't eat real. So I got a slowdown, but I'm in John and I been welcomed with a lot of love for my family. You know, always been a good to my kids and my lately. So I'm taking a day by day. I'm applying for where you know in up down thing right now because I don't. I'm not scared to tell them in jail for what what I what I was in 'cause rated about in as Sihala expression where they say, okay, we're not gonna take all this in and we've got calling, but under dinette of I'm doing good. We put up a gofundme account to try and help me my family. I'll get back going and everything because I know when I came out, I struggled, you know you. I was making sixty five cents a day in prison. I had no money came out of sleeping on my mother's couch. And how it is tough. It is in one thing you need when you get out, have some money in your pocket. And I mean you have seven kids, you know, you got people support a mo- concerned about my family than I am a self Benard before we close to all the people within the sound of your voice to all our listeners to all the people who have supported your 'cause who have expressed outrage in what happened to you? What would you like them to know about you or to know about what happened to you? What is your main message that you want people to take away from listening to this interview with you? What do you want them to know about you. Well was once again, I am a fall of seven. And the message that I would like to give everyone. First of all, I want your entire listening audience and the support is to know that I thank you very much, very, very much, and my family is is is appreciative of it also. But what I would like for everyone to know is that if if we can just worked together, we we, we could do a lot of good things with changing this system that we have in Louisiana that's basically upside down like a call new. It's the bunch of manipulation in our system here. And I would like people to know that if we just stick together, man, we could make a change hat Bernard. This has been such a heartbreaking discussion to listen to with you, Tony. I wanna thank you. You've been been such a such a strong presence and we just thank you for sharing your story with our fans. We thank you for everything you're doing, and I'm so glad that you're in touch with our buddy, Tony, Papa, appreciate it, man. And also I would like, you know, that may anytime that you have a spot for me to get on his ready, you'll in talk and and try try and be support for anybody anywhere. I'm here, we'll Bernard. You are welcome anytime, and we appreciate you taking the time to share your story with us and on behalf of, you know, American citizens everywhere. Where in the population of the world, we are so profoundly. Sorry for the injustice that happened to you. I let let me stand up as an American citizen and apologize for the way that this country and the state that you, you know, that you grew up in has treated you. We're so happy that you're able to, you know, get behind this and get back on your feet and you can support Benard by going to you caring dot com slash, but NAR noble, make sure you go give what you can donate, what you can. This man has overpaid his debt society, a debt that he didn't even incur. This is what we call a real injustice. So for all of those folks who go around saying, nobody gets busted for weed anymore. But Dr noble would beg to differ. And for those who are listening drugs, you know, at drugs and stuff. If you're outraged by this, make your voice heard. Thank you so much for, you know, giving your time. To talk with us and talk with our audience brother. No, thank you. We appreciate you so much appreciate being on your show. You have a, you have a major program and I thank you. You're gonna be able to touch a lot of people yourself. You don't good job. Thank you, sir. We appreciate it and for listeners at drugs and stuff. Thank you for joining us. Thank you for listening. Thank you for always being there for us for those of you who are new to drugs and stuff and came to us through interest in Benard story. Please make sure in subscribe to the show, give us a five star review if you like what you heard. I'm sure you did any final parting thoughts from my tag team partner, Derek Rosenfeld. There you got anything force at. Like I said, man, this has been really heartbreaking discussion to sit through. I just want to thank you again. Bernard glad you're home. I wanna say thank you to Tony pop for joining us, and you know, he's gonna be back. He's got a he. He went through his story a little bit. You know, the two of these guys it, it just shows, you know, formerly incarcerated people. They have this. Able with them that is so unfair image. So unjust. Just a couple of normal guys who got fucked over by this awful awful system and all I could say, thank you and best of luck moving forward. And like I

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