Microsoft has five new internal studios


These are the daily tech headlines for monday june eleventh twenty eighteen i'm tom merritt at e three microsoft announced five new gaming studios will join microsoft studios to help boost the number of first party games available for the xbox microsoft is acquiring undead labs playground games ninja theory and compulsion games microsoft is also launching a new studio called the initiative in santa monica led by darrell gallagher former head of crystal dynamics studio microsoft also announced a new halo game cobb called halo infinite and gears five coming out next year among other new titles china labor watch reported this weekend that he foxconn factory and hang young china that makes kindles and echo dots for amazon violates labor laws with excessive hours and reliance on temps for forty percent of the workforce the max under chinese law is ten percent the report also claimed there were fire safety issues and verbally abusive managers foxconn told reuters it is investigating the accusations and we'll take any actions needed to bring operations into compliance amazon said it raised concerns about the hangyoung plant as part of an audit in march and has been conducting regular assessments to monitor corrective action the us department of energy's oak ridge national laboratory unveiled the new summit supercomputer friday rated to perform two hundred thousand trillion calculations for second or two hundred pedophile that puts it in front of china's ninety three pedophile tahu light which had been the world's fastest since two thousand sixteen summit was built with ibm power nine cpu's and invidia tesla v one hundred gp use it will be used for research in fields including energy health advanced materials and artificial intelligence.

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