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E3 started on saturday this year with the ea press conference this is ea play which is actually technically not part of e three it's actually at a completely different venue here in los angeles they took over part of hollywood and built their their whole situation that's open to the public for free and they had a press conference a press day and let's talk about the things that they brought up first of all we should mention that our friend and front of the show andrea rene hosted the press conference alongside another friend of the show don himself jose sanchez and those folks thought fantastic job kudos to andrea for being so charming and fun and full of life i just thought she did a fantastic job yeah they need to lock her down for next year or several more events and then use her more next year 'cause she was fantastic when she was on i in my opinion was not on on enough i call it he andrea play nice well done i agree underutilized it was those a large section of the middle of the show where she just didn't make any appearances and i just thought the show was so much better when she was a part of it so let's talk about the things they talked about i took some notes here and we'll try to step through as far as what they showed sort of with battlefield five multiplayer.

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