Video game addiction now classified as potential mental health disorder


From the new normal news room it's new for god's i'm gary dino if you're compulsively playing video games you might be mantle according to a new study a mental health disorder confirmed compulsive video game play commendable health problem compulsive anything right probably can be diagnosis some sort of mental health issue the world health organization now has classified this and they say people need to be on guard for this real world deigned nobody's stopping this now it's not gonna happen known as disorder be careful be vigilant be prepared to identify that's what it says forget it here come everybody's doing this world health organization said classifying the gaming disorder as a separate addiction well governments families in healthcare workers be more vigilant and prepared to do what we used to do yeah yeah compulsively masturbate or something like that they do that too the kid do that and play games at the same time different joystick hit him plan geico jesus believable situation with these two chicks in santa clara county they described themselves as sexual deviants it turns out they are according to the law because these two brothers have been fucking around fifteen and sixteen year old boys all man get a load their best friends their self described sexual deviancy call each other that no problem you had a brunette rial spinner this karai i know whole no you're in trouble and tina they're accused of having on lawful sexual intercourse with four i'm sorry with fifteen six year old boys there may be other victims they're they're seeking them out now they're asking people to please come forward would ask like what the fuck is going on both of them were twenty three years old at the time sure with that makes them was a student teacher bernard middle school when the investigation began detectives don't believe any of the victims were students at that school so they just like you know gordon to them they like landing kids at other places take their work home in the uk a former mayor had sex with a thirteen year old girl and slept in bed with her and his wife yeah he really good at some point he decided he's going to make her sleep in the same bed as he and his wife is leaving is a big shocker guy from the uk's named simon doesn't happen very first wow.

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