Sex offender still on the run after RV chase in California; 2 kids on board rescued


Time five eighteen hazy sunshine in boston we turn up the humidity tomorrow right now eighty eight degrees outside our studios good afternoon and thank you for driving home with us today i'm jeff brown and our top stories in the wbz newsroom it is now up to the full senate to decide whether to go along with an ethics committee recommendation that former senate president stan rosenberg be barred from serving in any leadership position for the next few years at an air national guard c one thirty cargo plane crashes onto a highway moments after taking off from an airport in georgia at least six people are confirmed dead rough day on wall street after the fed to keep interest rates alone the dow sheds one hundred seventy four points the man suspected of being the golden state killer makes a brief court appearance a hearing was short lasting less than a minute joseph the angelo said no wheelchair in the courtroom the hearing dealing with i sealed search warrant in the case the angelo's public defender is asking the court to prevent prosecutors from taking anymore dna or body photos of the angelo the judge saying he will consider the arguments and reconvene court on thursday alex stone abc to california kids are back home with mom after being taken on a wild ride by their dad who happens to be a convicted sex offender stephen hawke took off with the kids following an argument with his wife and then led police on a high speed chase he ultimately ditched that car in an almond orchard but left the kids a three year old boy an eleven month old girl both found safe hawks still missing he is the suspect in the killing of a north end over woman wbz's carl stevens with the backstory now on the suspect brian chevalier late last year brian chevalier was making his case before the new hampshire parole board he was about to be released after serving time for the two thousand and three kidnapping of an ex girlfriend you told the board.

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