Trump retracts his endorsement of G7 final statement


Plus the ukrainian asked to kill a russian i finished my soup called a taxi and wants to kill by chengkuo well that's all coming up here on this edition of weekend i the world news i'm stewart macintosh with the bbc news hello the g seven summit in quebec has ended in disarray after president trump retracted his endorsement of the final communique mr trump tweeted to say he was reacting to comments made by the canadian prime minister his james robbins this is an astonishing reversal by president trump i he reluctantly agreed to accept a joint closing statement on trade negotiated word by word the apparent consensus was announced by the g seven summit host the canadian prime minister justin trudeau he said he was happy with the outcome but mr true also said canada would go ahead with retaliatory measures next month in response to the terrorist the americans had unjustly applied canadians he said we're polite we are reasonable but we also will not be pushed around mr trudeau called the tariffs insulting that infuriated donald trump in a series of tweets from air force one he accused mister trudeau of making false statements president trump is now heading to singapore for a summit on tuesday with the north korean leader kim jong un reports said mr kim is also on his way laura bicker reports on his way to singapore donald trump described the summit as a mission of peace but he admitted that the two leaders were in unknown territory this will be the first time a sitting us president has met enorthfield ian leader and a summit usually comes at the end of a long diplomatic process rather than at the start of one the on both sides of the border hope this new approach me at least have a chance of persuading mr kim to disarm on that the two sides can work towards the peace treaty that has alluded them for nearly seventy years the man who was asked to murder the russian journalists are cardi bob chingkuo in kiev has defended his role in the subsequent fate to murder in an exclusive interview with the.

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