Mexico rotate again and suffer defeat vs. Denmark before World Cup


More again did some good work and that's great can you believe judy green with the first school history dark on the call that's right before this they've been outscored ten nil in a three meetings against france and this'll be the place that everyone will remember from this game and scary for both teams matt asia and france's olivier giroux go for the ball they clash head and there was blood everywhere it looked like an old school wwe match fortunately for both they would walk off us held the lead for a while but then the seventy eight th minute france gets it ended a one one draw france moves onto the world cup belts base australia next saturday team usa can only wait for another four years speaking of two teams headed to russia another friendly here between denmark and mexico seventy first minute christian erickson makes the pass to use poulsen dodgers defenders and then defender t one more time denmark takes a one nothing lead by the way this the forty eight different lineup on the field for mexico under one carlos who sorry on seventy third minute same score erickson makes a great ron gets behind the defenders and to just ball and denmark goes on to win it to'set they will face peru on june sixteenth mexico will face germany on june seventeenth sorta come here on is one of the biggest bites of the year and it's just hours away before terence crawford and jeff horn battle for the wbo welterweight title everything you need to know before the to take the ring in vegas later tonight on espn plus also ahead.

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