Uber shutters self-driving program in Arizona


Bob mcclay here's our top story uber is pulling the plug on self driving test in arizona ktar jeremy foster joins us live that's right and it comes a couple of months after a deadly crash in tempe involving an autonomous vehicle and pedestrian bob uber confirmed ktar this morning it's formally ending selfdriving operations in arizona which will affect roughly three hundred employees governor ducey suspended the driverless road test after marches incident today he says public safety remains his top priority uber also says it plans to hire an additional seventy employees in arizona between now and the end of the year in other areas live in the news center jeremy foster ktar news the national football league has announced that super bowl fifty seven will be played in glendale in twenty twenty three arizona cardinals president and ceo michael bidwell joined the nfl network this morning it was unanimous vote i think it shows that we've done a good job in the past and the owners have faith in arizona doing a great job next time around and we committed to make it bigger better arizona will join south florida new orleans los angeles and tampa bay.

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