Report likely to target Clinton email review lag


In the industry china's president promised to changes in april amid mounting pressure from washington to narrow china's multibillion dollar trade surplus with the us but the immediate impact to the changes is expected to be rather limited most cars sold in china by global automakers are produced in local factories but the tariff cut could give them more flexibility in supplying additional models produced abroad i'm charles de la desma a government report on the fbi's handling of hillary clinton's emails is due out soon ap correspondent warren levinson says it criticizes the bureau the justice department specter general is about to release a report on the fbi's handling of the hilary clinton email probe in two thousand sixteen according to officials familiar with the reported criticizes the bureau for not moving fast enough to review a trove of emails discovered late in the presidential campaign some fbi officials it says new in late september that there were clinton emails on former congressman anthony weiner is laptop but by the time all the warrants were issued in documents reviewed it was almost election day final report which is likely to revive conversations about how the fbi effected the election result is due out next month i'm warren levinson amazon's being asked.

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